Story 15Sept2022

The morning started in less than a rush than yesterday. There was no 7:30 f**king-in-the-morning meeting that had to be rescheduled after I drove in and called into the meeting. It was still a bit of a rushed morning as I was still headed to the office, trying to be there before 8ish. I managed it but then had a hallway conversation for an hour or more and missed calling into status meetings which I have to not use the camera. I am not as good an actor as my directors, who can look interested and not roll their eyes no matter who speaks meaningless gobbledygook. It’s like we are saying: Yes, we do know that you are making it up, speaker, but we all know if we point it out, the meeting will go on longer. So we will just smile and nod. So it was good to chat with my friends.

OK, I am a bit spicer today. I made the mistake of asking questions a few times today and extended the meeting. I am so sorry! I was amazed by my colleagues’ ability to nod and smile. I will practice more.

Returning to the narrative, I heard from Rick from Physical Therapy, and he will see Susie for a re-evaluation on Friday at 10:15 at the hummingbird house. I called and got that on Susie’s schedule with Vanessa, the nurse aide for today. So I will try to make it.

Next, I met the lead for development, who was in town today, Spanden. We have worked together for years and have been on many calls but have never met. It was great to shake hands and talk. We agreed we would get some beers next time he is in town!

Thursday went on with meeting after meeting with me asking too many questions. Finally, I managed to quiet down.

I also loaded Python on my Nike laptop; I have never loaded Python on Windows before.

I headed out just before noon and stopped by Burger King to get a burger, thinking I needed some protein. The traffic jam in the parking lot near Burger King was an Oregonian mess of over-polite driving. I had to wave the drivers to move through and not scratch the paint. I ate my burger, watching the slow-moving traffic in the parking lot with cars backing up and others waiting for them even when there was parking elsewhere. It was an eye-rolling kind of day.

I managed to escape the parking lot and then got on 26 and found the parking lot, which was 217, this afternoon. I was driving 4 mph for about a mile. But, I finally made it to the hummingbird house. It was still cold, so it was not a park day.

Susie was delighted to see me. She was all comfy in her recliner. She stayed there for a visit, and soon we called her mother, Leta, and they had a friendly chat on my iPhone using FaceTime. Susie was slightly distracted; M.A.S.H was on the TV, which is her favorite. Vanessa found it and put it on for her.

I got out the balloon and had Susie hit it back with her right hand. Susie’s left hand was overtaking her right, but soon she could use just her right. It was fun, and one of the other residents soon joined in. I spoke to Vanessa, and she will do that with her. It helps Susie to improve her right side. It was nice to see Susie smile.

I had to head back to work, and with a kiss, I was headed out.

I stopped by my building, Clubhouse, and had to deal with a few crises of the moment; a data scrambling for protection was overdone and needed to be reversed. I was late for my next meeting in the building Victory. This is my old group that I am helping again. It was nice to see folks working on my previous software.

Soon, after chatting for a while and listening to an emergency discussion–which was like returning home for me, I drove home. I worked from home for a few hours.

I made pasta with sausage for dinner. I overate, but it was so good. I will still have plenty left over for the next few days. I watched the over-the-top show Lucifer while I had dinner. I was laughing non-stop and loved the first two episodes. The storyline is Satan is on vacation in LA, running a high-end dance club. He has made friends and is upset when one is murdered in his arms. The steely women detective is somehow immune to his charms and powers, and he helps her solve the murder–yes, it is a cop show! I was laughing so hard at the outrageousness that I was crying. I was saying to myself, “I wish I had written it, and how do I get a gig to write that.” The third episode started, and it was a bit flat for me, so I got back to work writing and will watch it later.

It was nice to laugh again. I have been crying a lot.

I got an email from the Naval Institute that they have an Artificial Intelligence (AI) meeting in October. I am thinking of going–I might go in person, but online access is also available. I was heartened as the fiction story I turned in for the Naval Institute contest was about AI and the Turing Test in a wargame setting, and maybe they won’t hate it after all. I am afraid to hope.

Well, I must get the trash out and get to bed soon. I had to stop about halfway, and my feet and legs cramped up. I rested for a bit and read, and napped.

Thank you for reading, and hope I was not too spice or too specific about work. It was a busy day–I like busy.


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