Story 22Sept2022

I am tired tonight, again, and I have fallen asleep twice. The pain in my right leg is better, but it is still quite pronounced and tired me out. I am hoping it will be better tomorrow.

The morning started in the rush that always happens when I try to be at work before 8AM. I first woke up at 6:15, made coffee, made breakfast of cottage cheese with canned (no extra sugar) peaches from a can, and read my emails, texts, and Slack channel update.

The coffee I drink is Equal Exchange brand that supports the liberal belief in paying a living wage and a fair exchange for goods (coffee in this case). Opposed to the more corporate system of getting products as cheap as possible, possibly exploitatively, and selling it at the highest price the market allows. Many of my friends, and readers, believe that the market will settle this, and while I do not believe that and think regulations are more effective with required transparency, Equal Exchange allows us both to be right. So my conservative friends, buy some Equal Exchange as the brand is changing the way coffee is sold and is transparent without regulation–precisely what Adam Smith would love, and I bet I would have drunk! Maybe, a little liberal every morning will help; who knows.

Liberal coffee got me going, and soon I was ready and in Air Volvo, still smelling clean and shiny from being polished at the dealership for complete detailing (cleaning, polishing, and some grooming). I have this done once a year so that the car seems new. I paid off Air Volvo, titled cleared, too, so I want to keep it in fine condition.

I reached work on time but talked to folks about various things and missed all the status meetings. I did make some stand-ups. Nike uses the Japanese process now known as Agile, which can require a cycle of stand-up meetings. I have been using Agile software development for more than a decade now. I believe using Agile methodologies combined with automated testing can reduce escapes (bugs and mistakes) to near zero. Combining this with CI/CD allows developers to instantly promote clean code that is automatically tested and evaluated, gets you substantial cost savings and reduces development time. Nerdvana for me.

I had a business lunch meeting with a friend, and we talked about software development and some thoughts about the future. I am worried that I might not be able to mix caring for Susie and the busy life of corporate IT–I may be overwhelmed and fail. My friend suggests that doing interesting and good work is the answer–we have a few more good years in us. I demurred.

After lunch, I risked Beaverton Police and used 217, which was torn up by construction and flooded with traffic, but I managed to get to the hummingbird house fast and without incident (or loss of paint). Susie was finishing lunch, and I waited. Tracy from Physical Therapy was there. I have brought the stepper I bought on Amazon as a step for Susie. It is extra wide and stable–it fits inside the wheelchair too!

Once Susie was done with lunch and Tracy had completed the basic checks–blood pressure (100/64), oxygen levels (good), and some questions about pains (no), medication changes (no), and falls (no)–we started into today’s work: Practice getting on to the bed set at the same height as the back seats of AIr Volvo. We used the new step for her to start and the belt (to allow safe and comfortable helping), and Susie managed to do about four of these–it is a lot of work. Susie can slide well, and Tracy thinks we can use a transfer board to make this even easier (and safer).

We played with the balloon next. My leg was hurting, and I nearly fell trying to help, which certainly did not impress Tracy. Tracy relegated me to sitting on the bed behind Susie. Jennifer thought she might have to get me a bed for Susie’s room! Soon Tracy was done, and I believe she was pleased with the advancements.

I was now in more pain and took Susie for a short trip to Metzger park. On the first bench, I called Leta, Susie’s mother, and we chatted for a while on FaceTime. I then took Susie back to Jennifer, the nurse aide for today, got a kiss goodbye, and returned to Air Volvo.

I risked 217 back, and again the traffic was heavy but moving. So I returned and entered, late, the project stand-up, the first live one since Covid-19; I wore a mask and found a seat for the first part. It was catered, and wine and beer were offered (drinking is allowed at Nike). After the usual leadership presentation and Q&A, I spent time talking to folks and getting a bit of cheese.

After that, I collected my laptop and stuff and headed home. The trip home was uneventful. Once home and after more painkillers, I heated some potato gnocchi, heated some North African-style sauce from a jar by Les Moulins that I love (highly recommended if you can find it), I cooked in hot butter some raisins, almond slices, and spices (light dusting of cardamon, cloves, and cinnamon plus salt), and added couscous with water. The sauce goes on all of it!

I watched two episodes of Lucifer and started the second season while eating. I like the show more now that it is less predictable. It has given up the cop show formula and is relying more on storytelling now–more Blue Bloods-like. The actor and the writers for the actor playing Lucifer make me very happy with some fun lines I wish I had written.

I took a long nap after more painkillers. I plan to limit my movements on Friday.

Sorry I failed to take pictures. Susie was in her red Converse shoes today!

Thanks for reading.


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