Story 27Sept2022

Today I will just do events and skip the usual narration. Something different for today.

I took the day off and was surprised that I was so tired that I did not get going until 8ish. I never sleep that long. I was right that I was not feeling myself and should take the day off.

I had breakfast, the last frozen bagel. I put frozen bagels in the microwave for 30 seconds and then toast the now mostly defrosted bread. Sometimes I toast them twice.

I wrote more Dungeons and Dragons adventures. I was happy that I could find my groove today. I was worried I could not write them anymore–just needed more sleep.

I had some issues that required long stays in the bathroom. Something I am acutely aware of since having colon cancer and losing 27cm of my colon. I am happy when no accidents happen. But, again, today was a good day to be home in the morning!

Tracy from Physical Therapy sent a text that she would be at the hummingbird house at 12:30. I called Jennifer at the home and shared this with her. I was informed that Susie was up all night and the nursing aide stayed with her for some of the night. Susie was talking to people who were not there and could not rest. Susie finally slept at 5AM.

I recall that Corwin, who used to live with us, told me that Susie talks to her dad at night some evening, who she sees. It alarmed Corwin a few times. Apparently, Ben spends time with her reassuring her that things will be OK. They talk about her day and how she misses him. While it is hard to imagine the Ben I knew doing this, Susie remembers her dad with kindness and seems to enjoy his presence some night. Who are we to question this?

Susie showed signs of exhaustion when I reached hummingbird house, the trip being lovely and uneventful. Tracy arrived soon after me and had Susie do some standing, and Susie managed to stand on her own with just balancing help from Tracy. Tracy did some exercises for Susie and then showed us how to use the elastic bands for daily workouts for Susie.

Painkillers are working, and a less stressful day seemed to help. I took Susie to the park after the workout with Tracy with less pain in my right leg. We enjoyed the park. The smoke is more pronounced today, but the air quality is still at the green level. We called Leta, and she and Susie were delighted to chat for a bit.

I took Susie back to the house, and Jennifer was getting Susie her lunch. I left with a kiss.

I next, risking Beaverton, stopped by Salt and Straw for ice cream. They recommended the Pear and Blue Cheese ice cream. It was good.

I then went to the bakery nearby, Paris Baguette (PB), a chain I used in New York City. I got croissants and something called croissant loaf. Next, I got dessert (another one) there and coffee. I spent hours writing part of a Dungeons and Dragons adventure I plan to play in late October. I texted Cat in NYC–thinking of her at PB–and we then texted about the story and came up with some ideas. I made progress today on the story.

Next, after Mariah turned me down to join me, I headed to Von Ebert in Beaverton. I love the wings in Portland and was excited to hear we had a Von Ebert in Beaverton. I was disappointed as it is just a tap house of Von Ebert beer, pizza, and other appetizers, including wings. Not the smoked chicken giant wings in Portland, just the same (or maybe below average) you get in any place. These are baked in the pizza oven too. Nothing I would recommend. The beer was good.

The Black Dog in Forest Grove wings are recommended by me. The Von Ebert in Portland wings are so good the chickens volunteer–the best. Skip the Beaverton Von Ebert wings.

I returned home after the wings, watched some Lucifer, and started writing this blog.

Feel free to call or send cards. Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care
Adult Foster Care Home
9925 SW 82nd. Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: 503 246-4116

Thank you for reading.

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