Story 29Sept2022: Thursday

Today was the start of my 27th year at Nike and also Nike’s earnings announcement. I will let you look up the Nike stuff on the Internet. My flu symptoms stopped, and the pain in my right leg was not terrible, but it worsened this evening. Standing is painful.

The day started with me working from home instead of returning to work, just in case. I started, as usual, at 6:15AM and was able to get going–I had enough sleep. I made breakfast of a croissant and coffee, liberal Fair Exchange. I then tried to catch up on the last few days’ events. Finally, I got a general feeling of what was going on.

I had a few meetings and was reminded that my colleagues were going on vacation, and I had to do the staging upgrade without them. I think I can manage, but my access to systems may be incomplete, but that is just a request away.

I also had a text from Tracy, the physical therapist helping Susie, and she was going on Thursday at 1:30 or so, but she revised this a few hours later to 12:30-1. Unforently, I was having lunch, having time now for leftover roast pork and coconut rice and a nice freshly made salad, I thought. So I rushed lunch a bit and then headed out.

Air Volvo crossed over Coopers Mountain in the light rain. It rained overnight, sometimes coming down heavy, and the world looked washed and ready for winter here in the Pacific Northwest. The gray months, delayed, are going. The view is still spectacular from the tall hill that is Coopers Mountain (just over 500 feet altitude or 152,4 meters). The Volvo Cave resides at 213 feet or 65 meters above sea level. I arrived before Tracy.

Today, when Tracy arrived a few minutes later, we tried more practice standing, turning, and sitting on a higher bed while using a short but stable stool. The bed is set to the same height as the seats in the back of the Volvo. Today, I grabbed the safety belt and helped Susie with Tracy guarding. We did that two times. Neither my leg nor my back caused me any issues, and Susie moved each time safely. We are ready for next week to try this in Air Volvo. Susie is helping and no longer feels like 98 pounds of noodles going everywhere; now, she just needs help with balance and turning. The belt helps me not hurt her (or myself). This is a big goal, and I will be thrilled to reach it even if Susie has to remain in the back seat of Air Volvo. Then, I can be ‘drive’n M’s Susie.’

We headed after Tracy left to the park. We took the colorful umbrella we got years ago when we went to a Circus du Soleil show in Portland. We went through the park. We called Glenda and Gene, Susie’s Aunt and Uncle, in North Carolina before hurricane Ian got there. We had a friendly chat–they are not worried about the damp coming their way. We talked to Leta, Susan’s mother, earlier. Later I called Leta and told her about the PT workout. Leta was concerned Susie was not strong enough, but I reassured Leta that Susie was standing on her own (it is her balance she has had problems with since the stroke nearly a year ago–she overcompensates and falls over to the left). I can hold her and help her move using the belt. I think we can, after almost three months, get into a car. Excellent!

Susie and I enjoyed the park; the cedars had drank all the rain in their branches and left the bench dry–so I rested there with her (my leg cramping). The regulars were using the park. We saw a pair under the gum trees sitting in their own chairs (dry) using laptops powered by a solar cell. They had a large older van I suspect they sleep in and are modern gypsies.

I had a meeting at 2PM, so I needed to get Susie back before the rains returned. We managed to hit the park with blue in the skies, but that is no guarantee in Oregon’s fall and winter. So I got a dry Susie to the hummingbird house, kissed her goodnight, and called into my meeting from the car.

I helped in the meeting, and we resolved some issues. I then drove home and checked back into work. Nobody needed me.

My tulips from the tulip festival were delivered today (the weak moment when I bought them was recorded in April in the blog, I believe). It is a lot of work to plant them, and I am not sure if I should plant them, feed them to the squirrels who will likely take some or most, or saute them with butter and avoid the whole frustration. Tulips Paella? I have over eighty to plant with crocuses. Do not eat crocuses (poison).

Next, I was tired of being home. I headed to BJ’s Brewhouse and had two beers and the California Flat Bred for dinner. Eric was my waiter; he always seemed there and helped me pick a light dinner. After some coffee and writing some more Dungeons and Dragons adventure, I headed home.

Arriving without issue in the rain in Air Volvo, I watched some more Lucifer episodes (Season 2, Episode 13 or so) and enjoyed them. I also texted back and force with Richard; we now have six players for Saturday for the War Room 2nd Edition board game–my newest one. I reviewed more of the rules and noticed that the US player will be stressed (the only player with serious choices between the Pacific and European theater).

I am looking forward to trying this beast of a game out on Saturday (1:30PM).

I saw Corwin for a few minutes as he had ordered something from Amazon and forgot to update his address. He came over and picked up the purchases I held for him. He is free this weekend, so we might meet up.

I finally got to the blog today. Thank you for reading. Enjoy the fall! Be well and stay dry!

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