Story 12Oct2022: Working day

I started this day by waking at 5AM and then waking every five to ten minutes, thinking it was time to get up. The only thing that broke this terrible loop was it being 6:15 and the alarm going off. I was unprepared for the day to start, and while my lungs were back after suffering poor air, my legs thought it was a holiday and tried to go in different directions for a while. Later that morning, my revised colon, being less than a year out from colon cancer surgery, decided to empty completely–a process one neither enjoys nor should try to rush. However, I managed to finish breakfast of nectarine and some croissant bread slices before the exiting. This was improved with liberal coffee created using a French Press.

I was now late, but my first status meeting was at 8:30, so I was not technically missing anything. I managed to play connect-the-school-buses and their resultant traffic jams in Air Volvo. I did not witness extra-legal driving, as all of us overly polite Oregon drivers know better than to harass a school bus.

Finally, arriving at the shoe company Clubhouse building and reaching my usual location. We have open seating, but we always sit in exactly the same spots. I was busy in the morning with some of the status meetings and some crises of the moment.

I slipped out at 11:30 to get lunch, a burger at Burger King that caused me to need a nap or a stomach pump (my colon was not impressed with lunch, and then I was tired). Last time for that, I think. Next, I headed to see Susie, Mrs. Wild, at hummingbird house.

I took 217, and the traffic was light on a Wednesday near noon, a surprise. Susie was in her recliner and was happy to see me. She decided that going outside was a good idea, and Jennifer, the nurse aide today, gave me a blanket for Susie to throw over her in the wheelchair (Jennifer popped Susie into the wheelchair with ease–I am always impressed as when I lift Susie it is with trepidation).

Metzger Park, just outside the Adult Foster home, was busy with folks with dogs. Some were barking, the dogs, that is, at other dogs. A tiny dog, we saw, lunged at another small dog and then jumped back–second thoughts? Both were on leads, so they could not reach each other. We found an unused bench, and I sat down. My legs were still not sure they wanted to work today.

As usual, we called Susie’s mother, Leta, and she was at home waiting for the call. While talking to her, everyone called her; she was popular. Today is Susie’s Aunt Joyce’s birthday, and Joyce called Leta back. Susan’s sister, Barbara, was also calling Leta with some news. So we let Leta go and talk to the other family.

Aside: Happy Birthday, Joyce!

After that, I returned Susie to hummingbird house and Jennifer’s care. Lunch would soon be ready for Susie. Then, I returned by Air Volvo, without issue, to Nike.

I spent the afternoon bouncing between tasks and the helpdesk installing some software. I did not get out until after 5PM. I returned home without events. I learned that Zophia had homework to do and young kids to play with at church, so there were no games tonight during choir and band practice. Next month we will start up again. No more losing the board game Azul to an 11-year-old for a while.

I made dinner of chicken Cordon Blu (frozen) from Schwann’s and corn (also frozen and from Schwann’s), plus some Texas toast (frozen). It was not hot today in the house; the oven’s warmth was welcome. I add some butter, salt, and pepper to corn niblets.

I watched the 11th episode of The Sandman that I had missed while eating. This is a special extra post-season session with an animated story and a story with Morpheus, but not part of the narrative–an independent story. Both stories are reminders of just how good The Sandman show is (Netflix).

Afterward, I headed to Wildwood Taphouse to write the blog and some more of my Dungeons and Dragon adventure. I have thought of a theme for The Poisoner in the plot of my adventure. The beer is good too.

For those wondering, yes, it is a year since Susie had her stroke. Next month it will be a year since the terrible strokes and Susie’s lung collapsing. Terrible days.

We are still here, and Susie and I plan to head to the Mall on Saturday and then church on Sunday.

Thank you for reading.


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