Story 20Oct2022: Crazy Thursday

I knew it would be a crazy day, and I was tempted to just throw in the towel, stay home, and hide under the covers. But I had a few meetings I should attend, and Susie needed me. So I struggled with the bad air, the headache, and coughing and started to rush my morning. Then deciding the air was too awful for me, and I emailed my boss to this effect; I would come to work in the afternoon after the winds had cleared some of the smoke/smog/mist.

The first Zoom meeting was an all-hands meeting with the CEO–he was playing to a small crowd in the new theater in Serina William’s building on campus. The presentations were good, and some had strong emotional content. I listened to most of it. The crowd got a Nike Forward hoodie for coming to the live version.

Next, taking them slowly, I did some status meetings. I also asked the usual questions based on the topic of meetings in the afternoon. I prefer that we have questions answered before the meeting to frame what we need to do–this did not happen.

I was ready towards noon as I had a lunch meeting, but first, I needed to finish a few critical path tasks that did not get done yesterday. I stopped by Safeway nearby and got some Ensure drinks for Susie (Plus versions in strawberry and chocolate flavors). Then, I headed towards lunch by way of Best Buy. The big box store is still impressive, with an insane inventory level. I asked the helpful store person in front for an uninterruptible battery supply (UPS) and got a blank stare. I tried battery backup, and that got a finger pointed at the battery display; finally, I said, ‘ the computer power supply when the power went out,’ and got a good response. The lower shelf, of course, and I lifted a heavy one that is the top UPS they sell at the store, $215 with 1500 VA. Enough power to keep my network up for two hours, including powering my laptop and lamp. I can disconnect stuff and make it run longer if needed (the light, for example).

I saw that the new Barnes and Noble was next door; Dondrea had told me it had re-opened near Best Buy, but I had forgotten. Stepping back into the store, It was like visiting an old friend. I walked through the new store with a wide, and thus Covid-safe, layout. It uses an arena layout with partial walls breaking up the view–an excellent look, I thought.

I stopped by the magazines, which were many, and picked out something on American Archeology. Before the old store closed, the magazines were reduced as various publishing companies went under during the pandemic. I noticed some old friends are still missing (Wargames Illustrated still has to be ordered on eBay), but others are there. I will be back to write on my laptop with headphones again. I miss working at bookstores with desks.

Next, I traveled a few miles to lunch. Lunch was with a friend on work items. We discussed some future items. I am less pessimistic about the future and might even see some interesting opportunities at the shoe company.

Next, I returned to the office and attended a meeting that was packed into a tiny space. Everyone was talking over each other, but we got a general plan worked out. I then had to head out to the hummingbird house. I was there late, but the pharmacist was late to give the Covid boosters and flu shots. Susie was signed up for both (all covered by insurance). I brought in her passport and vaccination cards (Covid and the old yellow style we used before the pandemic–yes, people used to carry a vaccine card and have required shots to go to places, including inside the USA). We will place the documents in the hummingbird house as I like keeping the passport near the vax info.

We waited, but the pharmacist played connect the school buses, and I had a 3:30 meeting I needed to prepare for. So I kissed Susie goodbye, moved my car as the pharmacists had just arrived, and parked at the park nearby.

In the car sitting in the park, I met on Zoom on another issue at the shoe company. My friends were sorry I was not at Clubhouse as they came up to see me for the meetings–next time! We worked out the details, and soon, that meeting was in the books.

I drove the Gadget/Junk store off Cornelius Pass Road and got a power code. I did not get one with the laptop power supply I bought for a spare personal-use Windows machine. It was $3 for two used ones. Check, another thing done.

Air Volvo is nearly out of gas. I managed to outlast the tick-up and am back down to $5.39 again. More than most pay in the USA, but we do not have a sales tax, so that is the final price. Also, instead of having a national cost of gas at the wholesale level, the oil companies price in regions, and thus the west coast pays more to the oil companies than the midwest–that is, as they say, just messed up.

Another task on the critical path is done; check.

I stopped by the old Kinkos (now Fed Ex) and used their copiers to copy legal papers that my mother-in-law gave me in 2001. These are important to her, and I have an original copy (Susie’s copy), so I made copies. Next, I stopped by Aloha Post Office and mailed the papers to Michigan. Check!

I was tired, but the air cleared, and the sore throat and breathing issues faded. Finally, I made it home with sunny skies.

I did the chores of putting out the garbage, recycling, and making dinner. I cooked the second smoked porkchop and had that with leftover caesar salad and red cabbage salad. I watched some episodes of Lucifer for some laughs reaching season 3 while eating.

I unboxed the UPS and connected all the network hardware and the office computer items. It needs only to cover 35 Watts and can keep things going for more than two hours–excellent. So now we are adequately protected. It is a lead-acid battery and is good for 3-5 years. A rather old-school solution, but a reasonable price for the coverage, and I can recycle the batteries.

I wrote the blog after that. I am tired, as it has been a crazy couple of days.

Thanks for reading.

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