Today 6Nov2022: Sunday

These are just events for today’s story.

Susie was ready for me when I got to the hummingbird house. The time change made everyone early on Sunday morning. Susie was uncomfortable after I got her in Air Volvo and headed to church a few minutes away in Old Town Beaverton. Susie told me to keep going, and I got her in the church, but then I had to take her to the lady’s room.

I had to pick her up and help her. It was tough on her and me. When I got Susie back to the church service, I was winded and covered in sweat. Susie was still not feeling right, and after a short stay at church, I loaded Susie in Air Volvo and got her back safely to the hummingbird house. At hummingbird house, Anassa could help, and I kissed Susie goodbye–Susie was sad to see me go, but she said she would be fine. I called later, and Susie improved and was sleeping. It was a minor issue that we will monitor.

I returned home, grabbed some chicken from Popeyes on the way back, and started painting and making terrain for Dungeons and Dragons tonight. I am DMing tonight as we wind down our Witchlight campaign. Matt, our usual DM, took my drunken monk character, and I started running an adventure I wrote.

Before playing on Sunday night, I cut some mummy figures I bought and made custom creatures that appear to be climbing out of ashes or muck. Next, I assembled and painted some giant plastic scorpion models. I also painted a few mummies and rebased a few older metal figures I have collected over the years. Next, I sprayed the new mummies white and the scorpion models bone color. I then hand-painted some ink paints (like a wood stain) to give them a 3D look. Finally, I added a bit of green ink to the scorpions to make them less boring.

I took some foam and cut the surface to less regular by running a knife over the surface. I then smeared a texturing paint on the surface. I put the oven on warm and placed the boards inside to help the paint dry. One foam board overheated and warped and was ruined. One came out perfect. I could then paint it with desert yellow Army Painter primer. It looked good.

This took the whole afternoon. I headed out for dinner at McMenamins and had a curry tuna sandwich for an early dinner. I had their Ruby beer with it. I reread part of my adventure and was ready to play.

We play Dungeons and Dragons at Cory’s house at 5:30 on two Sundays a month–Cory lost his legs, so it is best to play where he is comfortable. I packed my stuff to take to Cory’s and used my laptop with my adventure on it. We played a few encounters of my new adventure. I was finding my way again; I had not DMed for Dungeons Dragons in person for at least four years.

I think everyone had a good time and it was fun trying out my ideas.

Returning to reflect on the morning, Susie was disappointed with a short day together, but we managed to handle a complex problem and get her better and safe. So it was a win, and Susie is better now.

Sorry for the short blog, but I am tired as I have done much today.

Thanks for reading!

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