Today 8Nov2022: USA Election 2022

I am at Wildwood, having a dark beer and chatting with friends. The election results are all over the map and, thus, going as I expected. It appears to me this election, like most, is about local candidates and not national politics–this is always true for two-year elections. Only new presidents bring party members in with them, and that will be two years from now.

Returning to the narrative, the noises from the storm woke me and made me dream that there was someone in the house. This sent me into a nightmare after nightmare. I woke every hour, getting up once to try to feel safer with the lights on. Finally, I managed to sleep a few hours at the end of the morning.

I struggled to have breakfast, a banana and a bagel with cream cheese with liberal coffee. But, frankly, I would be damned if I was going to let nightmares force me to call in sick. I climbed into Air Volvo, showered, shaved, dressed, and ready to be a corporate warrior. I did wear the wrong hat, but only I knew that. I have a spare that Corwin used to use in the rain, but he left it at the house. I grabbed that one in error. I was at work in time for the first 8AM meeting.

When offered to join my master data support collages for more coffee, yes! We still have free coffee until 10AM from the program’s leadership. I even did the stairs, getting slightly winded on the way back. I have to pull myself up with my arms. My legs and muscle timing have been off since the chemotherapy (I got a call tonight and physical therapy has my referral, and I need to schedule my visits–I just have to fit that in now).

I started on some PowerPoint for new work I am beginning for the master data folks and me. Time to architect new things. I worked on those all day, finally sharing them late afternoon.

I did slip out to see Susie in the late morning. It was a sunny but cold day today. We could actually see blue! Susie was ready for me when I got there, just having finished her breakfast. Jennifer bundled Susie in a blanket, and off we went outside to the park. Susie was cold the whole time but was happy to see Metzger park again.

We then returned to the hummingbird house and used the social room to call Barb, Susie’s sister, who is visiting in a  few weeks, and then Leta, Susie’s mother. Barb was happy to chat, and we discussed some gifts for Susie’s birthday (20Nov1962). Next, we spoke with Leta, who was in her car, not driving while talking to us. Soon we said goodbye to them, and I had to return to work.

On the way back, I stopped by Carls Jr. and had a guilty pleasure of a Western Burger. It was good. I finished up and left work a bit early–the lack of sleep catching up with me. However, I did log in from home and followed along.

I took a short nap after 4PM and then made dinner. First, I fried a porkchop in butter and seasonings. Then, I heated some corn in butter and pepper. I also made a salad having chopped extra carrots and celery last time–so that was easy this time.

I ate this while watching the election news. So far, I am not the governor-elect of Oregon by write-in (I forgot to even vote for myself). But it is still early.

Thanks for reading. I am hopeful that I will sleep tonight and not dream such unpleasant dreams.

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