Story 13Nov2022: Tired Sunday

This afternoon the joint pain and some exhaustion just took over, and I stopped and rested. I wanted to clean the house and all of that, but instead, I just took it easy.

The day started with me rushing Sunday morning to finish the story of Saturday before 9ish, so I could pick up Susie by 10AM to get to church by 10:30. Saturday is always my longer blog as I seem to fit a whole weekend into Saturday. I was only a few minutes late in a tie and sweater. I was able to lift Susie into Air Volvo without issue. I reached the church without a problem; a speeding motorcycle was weaving through traffic. I lifted her, again without any discomfort (for either of us), and soon she was sitting in church in her wheelchair in the aisle.

The music before the service, God, and God Alone, played by Howard (piano only arranged by Phil McHugh), was lovely, and I would recommend it (Howard played it beautifully). The close was Toccotta in G Minor, with Howard playing the organ and Andrew playing the drums. This is from Mannheim Steamroller. We don’t usually get toe-tapping music for the close of the service–but everyone was stunned and enjoyed the piece.

Andrew, an active Marine, gave the sermon entitled “ Happens,” covering Matthew 5:33-48, which includes the instructions to take no oaths, turn the cheek, and love your enemies. This is an interesting message for a Veterans Day weekend he recognized. Andrew, in his sermon, focused on the fact that your word should be good enough and oaths should not be needed. He also took up the other points by saying that “ happens” and that the world will hurt you and people will hurt you. You should not react, but try to be better than them, wait to better understand the situation, and then take appropriate action, if any. Andrew suggests you avoid revenge, fear, or kneejerk reactions when “ Happens”–always think and do what is right. Those, he believes, are the message in this part of Matthew, recalling Jesus’s words at the ending of the Sermon on the Mount.

It was a good message, Susie leaned over to the right in her wheelchair, and I had to wake her to stop her from tumbling out. It was not Andrew’s caffeinated delivery, but Susie had fallen asleep mid-conversation with her mother and during some movies this week. She woke but leaned to the right again but did sing the hymns.

Susie seems to be falling asleep in mid-action now. This may be new or just something that will fade. I try not to panic when I see these changes; most moderate or disappear in a few days.

To recall the past, Susie’s devastating stroke (a year ago) impacted her control of the right side, swallowing, speech, and the ability to control her hands. When she is feeling weak, she leans far to the right, and you have to be careful not to have her take a tumble, even in a wheelchair. Susie has a crash mat for sleeping if she keeps rolling out of bed. Susie also forgets she is disabled at night and will try to get out of bed. The mat stops her from getting hurt.

Returning to the narrative, Susie and I hung out for a while at church, and Howard sat with us. Howard and I talked about the software he is using for sheet music. It does not listen to the music you play and flow with you. Instead, you set it on a set speed. I was expecting something like some of the guitar software that tracks your playing. Something more for me to consider for artificial intelligence (machine learning) programming–listening programs that can match played music to notes on a sheet (Dr. Ernest, are you out there–here is your big chance). I will try to find some time to look at that during the holiday breaks–I love to write a software project for Christmas (Yes, that is my idea of fun for the holidays).

Soon, it was time to head out, and I got some help loading Susie into Air Volvo. We had no issue getting back to the hummingbird house, and I could unload Susie alone without problems. Susie and I headed to the social activity room and called Leta, her mother was driving home, so it was a short chat. We next did a FaceTime call with Barb, Susie’s sister, and had a nice chat. Barb and I discussed a few plans–Barb is visiting on Friday for Susie’s 60th Birthday on Sunday.

I was tired and left with a kiss. I headed by Popeyes and had fried chicken for lunch. I started some laundry and managed that and the dishes. I watched some more season five of Doctor Who and tried not to be exhausted; joint aches drove me to painkillers, and I just could not get going.

I did connect with Joan at church for a Zoom meeting. It was just the two of us when I joined. We chatted for a bit, and it was good to catch up. We did see each other at church, but we got to talk more.

I opened a can of chili and spooned the heated bean and meat over microwaved potatoes for a late dinner. I felt a bit better after eating. That got me to write the blog, at least.

Well, sorry, I was tired and not able to clean today. I might have to take a day off for that. I am just trying to do too many things with all the challenges.

Thank you for reading!



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