Story 15Nov2022: Tuesday

I was busy at work today and went home early to schedule various medical stuff. In addition, I was in a few meetings where I had to make decisions or explain risks. So I was a bit busy.

Going backward, Trump announced he was running again but did not mention me as a running mate so far. Despite rumors, I have not been contacted by the Trump campaign to join the ticket.

I am enjoying dinner alone; Mariah is ill, and I am at BJ’s Brewhouse with my fav waiter Eric. I had their pork chop. I was going to cook, but that would mean I would have to clean that up. So instead, I decided to head out.

My new board game, a Kickstarter with all the premium parts and bright colors arrived: Mind MGMT. This is an excellent hidden movement game with one player having to recruit agents at specific locations, secret locations, and rogue agents trying to capture the recruiter. The game comes with a considerable amount of extra content to add to the game that, after one side loses, they get to select more content and add to the game–and earn some bonuses. The game play is about an hour, so it is possible to play, add content, and try again in one gaming night–cool. I managed to read the training rules twice through and really want to play. Richard in Portland got his copy yesterday and has already played it and liked it.

I also was disappointed to be rejected by the Naval Institute for my fiction story. I will read the winning stories in a few months and see what they like and try next year. But, I am not slowed–I submitted my story to 2600, the hacker publication. Maybe they will like it. Another six-month wait for the rejection–but I have the time, and they might just like it and get back to me sooner.

Before all of this, I was back at the house. I had to make calls and listen to being on hold while reading emails and getting ready for more Zoom meetings. I finally got a 3Jan2022 appointment with my oncologist post my colonoscopy visit–a survivors visit, as they called it. I also managed to schedule next Tuesday’s blood work for Susie and me. Doc had a long list of tests to do–best to get it into this year’s max-ed copayments.

I also received my medical records for my ambulance trip from the parking lot to the ER, for about three minutes, for over $900 in co-pays. I had reacted to the infusion and was choking from the cold back in March2022. If you have been following along, the reimbursement process decided I had not provided enough information and had to pay back the money to my account. Now I have submitted even my EKG while sitting on the garage floor to the process, and this time, I expect to be paid back again.

So yes a medical paperwork-heavy afternoon. I visited Susie after having a sub at Jimmy Johns. I ate it in Air Volvo. After arriving at the hummingbird house, I found Susie watching her favorite, Blue Bloods while sitting in her recliner chair in the shared living room. Susie was delighted to see me and looked awake today.

We called Susie’s mother, Leta, and they chatted for some time; Susie started to look sleepy. Susie then fell asleep while I was sitting with her. She was sad when I left, but she was still falling asleep. I think she waits for me, then is relieved when I show up, and then just relaxes and falls asleep.

I did purchase the movie Paint Your Wagon, a musical starring Clint Eastwood (no, really), on my Apple and will have that ready: Here is my favorite song: Mariah. We might all watch that this weekend when Susie has her birthday 20Nov1962. I need to get some ice cream and a few knickknacks for Sunday.

Before all this, I had meetings on Zoom about every hour at work. So it is strange to drive into the office and have Zoom calls. But I did go see some folks and talk to them about some of the ideas I had on solving some issues. So a bit of human touch today (with a mask most times).

Before taking Air Volvo to work without incident (and Beaverton drivers were tame today), I was up at 6:15, wondering how it could be morning so soon. I woke a few times last night and, in my robe and slippers, went outside and locked the gate, bashing in the wind, making me feel like someone was in the house again. Ugh.

Well, it is 8:30 here in the bar; I have paid and should head back home. I am tempted to head to another bar and play Mind MGMT against myself but instead will get some rest. I did clean the toilets, put away more laundry (where does it all come from), did more dishes, and vacuumed the carpet today. So slowly getting back to running the home.

From a health issues discussion, I seemed to hit bottom last month–I just got exhausted, and slowly I am finding my strength again. I think the adrenalin and just stubbornness have worn through, and now I have to just keep resting and doing a bit, not a lot, more each week to get back. I will continue to push, but not too hard. Beer helps. Painkillers help. Reading funny books and SciFi helps. Writing helps. Games help.

Thanks for reading. I hope you find something that helps you. And, so far, no calls from the Trump campaign…





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