Story 19Nov2022: Saturday Market

The day started with me up early and writing the blog. I was not rushed, but we had to be at Susie’s at about 10:30, so I had to be efficient with my time. Barb is staying at the house–Susie’s sister. So I made a pot of liberal coffee for Barb and me and had a banana for breakfast.

I dressed after finishing the story, and then, the irony being what it was, we were running early and decided to stop by Target to get some items, so we took Air Volvo on Saturday morning across Beaverton, skipping Old Town. The traffic was surprisingly heavy. At Target, we got various supplies to decorate Susie’s room and hanging supplies. We discovered small shelves that just stick to the wall, excellent, and remote control for power plugs; perfect, we can use that for Susie’s light tree.

We were only a few minutes from the hummingbird house and only a few minutes late. Susie was ready and in her chair as we got there. She had breakfast and was warmly dressed. It would be nearly freezing in Portland. Barb got to experience me putting Susie in Air Volvo and helped put the wheelchair in the cargo area.

More traffic; I should have taken I-5 and not 26, but we were soon in Portland, and I drove to parking near the Portland Saturday Market, just across from Voodoo Donuts, with a huge line already for weird-themed donuts (we skipped this). Parking was $8 for the day (growl) as I was not using the more fair Parking Kitty I so adore for its ability to automatically increase as needed, but overpriced Parking City that had one option. The app meows at you when you are running out of parking time–you pay thru the app.

The area was full of just-waking street folks, and I had to use a manual pay machine. One gal had to move to let me pay for parking. I did not think, unlike a night parking where Air Volvo windows were smashed by the locals, that it was unsafe. I felt the vehicle would be safe in the bright light across from the donut shop. I would not have parked there at night, however.

I unloaded Susie into the wheelchair I retrieved from Air Volvo Cargo and headed into the reduced market. Covid-19 had not been kind to Portland, and the protesting had set folks on edge; the market was smaller now. The count of food carts was much reduced, and I noticed some stands were gone, the weird kitchen tools and coin cutters being the ones I missed. Nonetheless, it was still busy, and soon I thought I should put on a mask as folks started being packed in. But it was a windy day, and folks are still socially distancing (a habit likely to stay in place long after the pandemic is just a memory). I felt safe the whole time.

Barb bought gloves at almost the first stand. The Coho Wind was colder than the air temperature, but the buildings and stands blocked most of it–the sun was warm. I bought some Portland playing cards for gifts for the holidays. Susie said she was warm, so we continued touring the market.

The market is a mix of artists and crafts. The amount of clothing and t-shirts for sale seemed to be increased from what I remember (being there last time three years ago). The expensive art had increased. Some long-term shops-tents, like the playing card shop, I was happy to see again.

Kathmandu got more of our business: A permanent shop in the Skidmore Area. Barb bought Susie a coat of many colors and some clothing for herself. The cold started seeping in, so we decided to continue with the lunch plans.

Kells Irish Pub is only a block away and was not busy. The place has not changed, well maybe a bit cleaner, and we got a table away from the door. There is a fireplace close to the door that keeps the cold draft away in the winter.

The place was not busy, and we got drinks (Susie having an Irish Coffee) and waited a bit on food. Mariah texted me, and she was coming to join us. Unfortunately, she was much delayed by heavy cross-Portland traffic (she lives in SE Portland; we were in Skidmore just across the river in SW Portland). We ordered after waiting a bit; Susie had her usual sausage roll, which we cut very small and helped her eat, Barb tried the Shepard’s Pie, and I dove into the Corned Beef platter.

Mariah finally parked and arrived as we were finishing lunch, but desserts were ordered. We had a few beers, and Susie finished 1/2 her drink and one slice of her lunch–good for her. We chatted and had a lovely time just hanging out at the Irish Pub.

Once more, we braved the cold as we said goodbye to Mariah, found Air Volvo without incident, and reboarded. Again, Barb got to see me load Susie without incident. I use a belt to move her as I am not as good as the nurse aides and RNs, who seem to levitate Susie into the next location. Susie helps by standing and is no longer like moving a sack of wet noodles.

We returned to the hummingbird house in light traffic and with no incidents, and Barb and Susie began some improvements to Susie’s room. Susie looked tired, but she stayed with it for another couple of hours as we stuck things on Susie’s walls and lightened up the blank walls. As it approached dinner, Susie had an Ensure shake to increase her intake, and we headed out with promises to return for church on Sunday.

Barb and I then collected four pints of ice cream for Sunday at Salt and Straw. We purchased, Barb ordering from her phone, a large collection of balloons for Susie’s Birthday and realized that it would be good to get them to Susie’s place tonight. So one more late visit and we delivered the ice cream and balloons. Anassa took all the interruptions with grace.

We headed home, and soon the hours and food accumulated on Barb and me. Barb went to bed early (but not early on her still East Coast timing), and I read for a while. I had a few colon and medication issues that did not agree with the dessert, but I managed without any nasty surprises. I finally went to bed and had trouble sleeping at first. I finally slept at about 1ish.

Thanks for reading.


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