Story 22Nov2022: Tuesday

I slept poorly, leaving me not feeling like myself most of the day. I was kind of missing things and having trouble remembering all day. I will try to get some sleep tonight.

I was up and down for some of the night. I got up at 3AM, drank water, and read emails. I managed to sleep after that, but I still woke before my alarm at 6-something. So I reset that to 7ish and was dead asleep when it went off.

I managed to get going and write the blog for Monday. Unfortunately, I could not have coffee or food as Susie and I both had blood draws, fasting ones, at 10:45 and 11:00. I had worked it out with Jennifer, the nurse aide at the hummingbird house, that Susie would sleep late, and we would just get her ready before leaving. All that worked, and I loaded Susie in Air Volvo at 10:15ishn after having a non-eventful trip across Beaverton.

Our trip to the lab was slow, and we were not there until 10:40. We hit every light and train! I unloaded Susie, and we waited twenty minutes. Finally, we got a separate person, and they did us simultaneously. The guy working with Susie was good and hit on the first time. Soon, we were done and back in Air Volvo. Susie got some Ensure as Jennifer ensured (is that a pun) that Susie had food immediately after the blood draw. We called Leta, Susie’s mother, in Michigan, and they chatted for a while. Leta was cold and turning up her heat (laughing that it was just her, so she could do that).

Susie reading a birthday card from the Weis family.

We drove back, and Jennifer took over and got Susie lunch and out of her coat. I headed to a local Mexican place and had average food (no name supplied). I returned and found Susie napping in her recliner in the living room. I hung out with her for a while, but she needed a nap. So I kissed her goodbye and headed home. I arrived without issue and got the mail. I received the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Catalog and looked through that until I nodded off. Then, I took a short rest.

I got back up, went to Fred Myers, and bought a folding table and hooks. I want to start on some models in the office instead of having the stuff all over the house. I also want to build a Spell Jammer for Dungeons and Dragons. I also bought brass hooks to put into the house to hang the lights I have.

The table is in the office now. I will see when I have time to start on the projects.

I did pay more medical bills, and I keep Quicken up-to-date with every last dollar.

The medical test results are just coming in as I write this. I will include that in the next blog.

I had leftover pasta and sausage for dinner and watched Doctor Who session 6, one of the scariest and best seasons performed by Matt Smith. It includes President Richard Nixon in his first term before the shenanigans.

I left the house and headed and had a beer at Wildwood Taphouse.

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