Story 25Nov2022: Friday

The most challenging days have two features: asthma and exhaustion. These days disappoint as I usually have plans and things to complete on those days that will not happen. Friday was such a day. I had little that I had to do that day and wanted to write, but with the breathing issues and the lack of sleep, that would not happen.

Instead, I struggled from 4:30AM trying to find an incantation and potion to let me sleep. I tried to capture sleep, but Morpheus escaped me. So at 5ish, I was up and took some Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10 mg (Zyrtec), and this cleared the coughing, sneezing, and congestion but made me profoundly sleepy. It works for me, and I recommend it to folks who suddenly can’t stop coughing and have asthma but be ready to be fatigued.

It was Black Friday, and I was up early, so I checked for my usual additions online for discounts. The Game Steward did have some specials, but I did not see anything I wanted for prices I could not imagine I would see again. Sparkfun was closed (but would do discounting an hour later after I looked). AdaFruit got my attention, 22% off of Feather microcontrollers. These are fun to work with about three US Quarters-sized fully functional microcontrollers. They have built-in recharge circuits for a LiPo battery via USB. The USB connection allows you to program them like an Arduino or micro-Python. So I bought a supply of new Feather boards with LoRa radios (A new tech I have not tried with a 10-kilometer line-of-sight range for slow speeds communication) and various add-on boards. All with free shipping and a discount.

Next, I wrote the blog; I think I did, as the exhaustion made yesterday a blur. I went back to sleep some more and managed to sleep, but the nightmares came as I struggled still, even in my dreams. I was wandering lost, and things will looking for me, unfriendly horrors. I needed to keep moving, but the dream setting kept getting darker and more gothic with each cycle of moving. It was going to be bad when the scary things found me–I made myself wake up. Finally, I said, “enough of that,” out loud to help brush off the webs of horror as I went out to the kitchen to get more coffee. It was decided now that I would push through the ruins of Friday.

I dressed and talked to Jennifer, the nursing aide for today, and learned that nobody was up and coming at 1PM or so would be fine. Apparently, I was not the only person tired today, but I expected it was the food and the change of schedules that tired out everyone there. So, without a hurry, I showered and dressed.

I turned on soccer on Fox Sports and burned out my free hour watching the USA and England play to a draw. I reheated the remains of my purchased Thanksgiving Dinner and found the salad I had made (I usually chop twice my needs and put a baggy in the frig with the extra for a quick salad later) and ate that while watching the game. My temporary access ended before the game, but I decided I was not signing up this time.

The exhaustion started, and I was dizzy and not feeling like lunch was settled. I rested and soon was deep asleep. I awoke from a blessedly dreamless sleep and felt better. Afterward, I headed to the hummingbird house across from very busy Beaverton. My commute to Tigard is usually twenty minutes and as fast as fifteen. Today it was forty-five minutes. Jennifer and Susie thought maybe I had called and then fallen asleep before leaving!

The traffic I was in was also the mall traffic; the Washington Square Mall is just five minutes away (or twenty today) from Susie’s place. The traffic lines were longer than the spaces between the traffic lights, so it took three or four rounds of lights to get through. The shenanigans of various drivers trying to cheat the wait kept me alert. Once past the mall entrance and Target, I was free.

I arrived late, and Susie was just out of bed and in her recliner in the living room. I had just missed the Christmas movie Elf, and the terrible but all-star Fred Claus movie was running. We called Leta, Susie’s mother, and chatted with her via FaceTime.

I pulled up a wooden table chair, held Susie’s hand, and just sat. Soon I was asleep with Susie, not noticing I was sleeping (she might have been too). This happened a few times, and Jennifer suggested I get a more comfortable chair, but I demurred. Somehow we got to the end of the terrible movie, and another started. It was nearly 4:30, so I headed out with a kiss. Susie was sorry to see me leave and looked sad. It is always hard to leave.

I managed to cross Beaverton without issue and decided, still tired, to head home. There I got the smoked pork chops and heated them in butter in a hot pan. I added herbs and water to steam them hot. Next, I made green bean casserole, adding some mayo and powdered mustard to the usual mix. This was just a hint and added some extra flavor besides the onions. Next, I microwaved a potato, small one to add starch. I find that I am hungry later if I skip the starch. I did overcook the potato, so it looked like a raisin. It was hard to cut, but I added butter and some sour cream, which was good enough. I did have extra green beans.

I watched some more of Matt Smith’s Doctor while eating. This is my new binge. It is just as good as I remember it. It is on HBOMAX, and pick season five to start on the binge. I just did the episode where Jenna Coleman appears for the first time as ‘souffle girl.’ Jenna will be a regular on the show later. 

I was struggling to stay awake, but I did manage to find the focus to work on my Dungeons and Dragons adventure and do some revisions. I have to play it 4Dec2022 and wanted to prepare it for more play. So I managed to make a few edits and some additional writing.

I went to bed early, woke at 1AM, and took my pills, having woken to do that and falling asleep while getting up. I work at 2:30 with pain in my right leg, which had not happened for weeks, and I had to take painkillers to sleep. I finally slept well and felt better on Saturday.

Well, a tough day, but I pushed through. Thanks for reading.


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