Story 2Dec2022: Day 2 Advent 2022

I started Friday as usual with me, sleeping in a bit and doing all my meetings, hours of Zoom meetings, in my robe. I woke at 5AM and had trouble falling back to sleep a few times. I had vivid non-scaring dreams that I can not remember and started before 7AM.

I finished the cottage cheese for breakfast with some peaches from a can. I made French Press liberal coffee, Equal Exchange Organic Breakfast Blend. I had ordered another case, but I now have found four more bags in the pantry–I am supplied for 2023, I think. Oops.

Friday focuses less on the status and more on getting things done to get to our weekend. I helped with some technical issues. I also helped with some crises of the moment. It was nice to get back to designing some software.

I did my stretching exercises and showered and dressed. I then walked for twenty minutes to get my exercises done. I walked past Reedville Elementary and a few blocks and then turned around. I saw a gal putting up a wreath, and we exchanged pleasantries. This year, as the pandemic’s impact on the economy wains, folks are using more holiday decorations, almost like we are demanding it to be a good holiday. A bit manic, but it looks nice.

Next, I drove to Beaverton to Top Burmese in Old Town. I had the veggy-only lunch with okra–it was beautiful. I have had it before, and with the okra sliced, it is more like green beans than slimy veggies. There is strange parking in Beaverton, and I had to park three blocks away. Top Burmese uses robots to deliver drinks and food, but the bar is still manual. I did have to avoid one of the robots getting into a seat on the bar–they track just behind the bar seats to the kitchen.

After leaving Beaverton, I headed to see Susie at the hummingbird house. Susie was in her recliner in the living room, not really watching the reruns of Friends. Jennifer planned to have the residents help her decorate their Christmas tree later in the day. I got out Susie’s Micky and Mini Mouse Advent calendar, and we together opened day two. Susie had a bit of chocolate, and as there were two chocolates, I had one too.

Next, we called Leta, and Susie and her mother chatted on my iPhone using FaceTime. Leta had decorated her tree and shared a view of it. Susie was happy that I could come by, and I stayed a bit, but it was a work day, and I needed to get back to the house and connect back to work. So Susie gave me a kiss goodbye.

I reached the house and reconnected to work on my Nike laptop. Next, I contacted the service that supplies cigarettes in East Lansing, yes, there is one, and I then paid their fees and had them take some smokes to Barb Wild. Next, my sister sent me a place to order chicken wings. I connected with that place in Lansing and sent plain chicken wings and a chef salad to Mrs. Wild, Sr.

I continued following along at work, but it soon quieted down. The food and smokes arrived, and mama was quite pleased.

Now for dinner for me, I cooked hamburger meat from the freezer, defrosted it in the microwave, and made tacos. I found all the packets of spices and shells in the pantry. I had cheese slices that I cut into thin pieces. I put the cheese in the shells and added the cooked meat and spices. I did add a 1/2 a sliced onion to the beef and a can of fire-roasted diced tomatoes to the meat and spice pack. I baked the shells until crunchy with the meat and cheese in them so they would not break apart when stuffed. Next, I cut some lettuce and added sour cream. It was good, and I had too many.

While cooking, I finished watching The Man from UNCLE movie that I liked so much but is not likely to get a second film. It was a zany film, and I wish they would make another.

After this, I went back to writing my Dungeons and Dragons adventure. I also worked on the figures for the adventure. I need some specially made items. I was working with my Dremel on one gigantic item I hope to use later. I took a last minutes trip to Rainy Day Games before they closed and purchased some figures I needed. I will not have time to 3D print them. I sometimes close a bar, but today I closed the gaming store!

Aside: I also received today a set of Feather microcontrollers from AdaFruit in New York City. I tried to connect one to my Apple. I could not make it work. The new M1 is not as flexible as my previous Intel-based Apple. I have a Windows machine for this work, and I will try it on the weekend.

Returning home, I set Susie’s exercise bike to fit me and used it for six minutes. This is more exercise for me. I am to walk and/or bike. I have decided to do both.

I decided it was time to slow down, and I watched the new show Wednesday on Netflicks. It was kooky and a bit spooky–yes, an Addams show. I watched the first episode and loved it. The actress, Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday, is perfect–a morose teenager Wednesday. Recommended.

I then wrote the blog tonight to give me more time for writing and watching the USA soccer game on Saturday morning. I am headed to Susie in the late morning and taking her to the mall. After that, I plan to play games at Richard’s in Portland at 6PM. A busy Saturday.

Thanks for reading.

Today’s Advent song is Mary, Did You Know?


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