Today 18Dec2022: Slow Monday

I started the biz day by calling the colonoscopy people and moving mine to March 2023. I will not risk it with the nasty cough and breathing issues. I had managed to sleep but woke exhausted, and my coughing was back in an hour after getting going.

I woke with my alarm at 6:15 and got going at 7ish, took a shower, and got going in a rush. I had a Zoom meeting at 8:05 and a Physical Therapy appointment at 10, so no break to get ready. I managed some raisin cinnamon toast and liberal coffee as the first meeting started. After that, status meetings went on for ninety minutes, and I had to head out to make my PT in Bethany right after they ended.

I made my appointment, and we just talked. Michael, the PT guy, suggested some more exercises. I also talked about my adventures moving Susie into the car, and he will offer some core exercises to help with that. I am happy so far as the pain has mostly stopped, and I seem to be able to control the pain and balance issues with the stretches and excises. I wish the cough and wheezing would halt so I could focus on the stretching and exercises.

I returned home and checked work. Nobody needed me. I rested a bit by reading and enjoyed more coughing jags. The coughing was wearing me out.

I was not interested in eating much but headed to Panera Bread at Ceder Mills in Beaverton on the way to Susie. I had a chicken almond entire sandwich and some French onion soup. The soup and sandwich made me feel a bit better.

Next, I headed slowly in heavy holiday traffic across Beaverton. I eventually reached the hummingbird house. Susie was delighted to see me. She had gotten up late and had just been put in her recliner in the shared living room. Jennifer, the nursing aide who lives there, got us a tiny piece of leftover pumpkin pie from the party on Sunday. I then helped Susie eat some; it is easy to eat and delicious–a good combination. I had some too.

We also called Leta, Susie’s mother, who had just got back from a doctor’s appointment. Her labs were good. We chatted about various holiday items for a bit on FaceTime.

Soon, my short trip needed to end. With a kiss, I left Susie resting in her chair. Susie worried about my cough as I could not hide it.

The traffic was snarled on the way back. I stopped at Safeway, after debating this as I was tired and grumpy and feeling very grinch-like, to get food and some supplies for holiday cooking. The required ham, spiral cut, is acquired. The makings for my version of pumpkin pie were purchased. I also got various soups to help with the cold. I bought makings for salad as I love salad. Pasta with sausage in a Paul Newman sauce is now possible. Again, I also paid $10 to support folks who cannot afford food–I try to do that every time I buy stuff at Safeways. It was not a massive load of groceries, but it was $200 (the ham was 35, and the cans of sweetened condensed milk were $3.50). Yes, living in the Pacific Northwest is not cheap.

I unloaded the car and put away the stuff. I then returned to work and followed along until about 4ish. After that, I read for a while.

I heated up the Lobster Bisque soup I got for dinner and had that with a bowl of potato chips with it. It seemed the right match. I watched Stranger Things on Netflix while eating, but I still can’t say I recommend the show.

I then read more of the book Poppy Wars and am becoming less enchanted with it. However, we will see if I decide to continue with the series. I might just be grumpy.

I have been fatigued all day and coughing non-stop. I will try to get some rest and decided to stay home tonight–I usually have a dark beer at Wildwood Taphouse on Monday night.

It is the 19th day of Advent, and we should do something from the Nutcracker: The Russian Dances.

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to call or send cards. Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care

Adult Foster Care Home

9925 SW 82nd. Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: (503) 246-4116

1 thought on “Today 18Dec2022: Slow Monday”

  1. Prayers for your health Michael, as always. Just a note that I had the same response to Poppy Wars. You’ve got me thinking about trying to pick it up again.


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