Today 24Dec2022: Christmas Eve 2022

I write this on Christmas morning, having slept in until 8ish and not rushing. The Christmas gift for today is that we are here; Susie (at hummingbird house) and I are both still here. That is good a gift as I could ask for. I also revel in the technology that lets me write (WordPress) and be reasonably correct (Grammarly), and I can take this with me (Apple laptop). While there seems to be a lot wrong in the world, technology and science (including medicine) seem to be saying that it could be so good if you folks would agree to take care of each other. So my Christmas wish is that folks actively care for others (not just words but actions) and let us find the future that technology and science promise us. It could be so good!

Returning to the narrative of Christmas Eve, I started in a rush, not for work, but because I had a lot to do. Breakfast was liberal coffee from Equal Exchange with ham and well more ham and finally some yogurt. I wrote a longish blog. Time started to run away, which often happens on vacations and weekend days. I had three loads of stuff to load into the cargo hold of Air Volvo. I was dressed (already for church) in a shirt, tie, and sweater, as I would not have time to return to the Volvo Cave and change.

The morning snow and ice seemed to glow as they melted in the light ran. Air Volvo handles perfectly in this mess, and it is hard to even slip–rather disappointing to have all that safety equipment take the run out of driving in snow and slush.

I went to deliver gifts to my Dungeons and Dragons group–due to my illness, we canceled the last game, so the gifts were not delivered then. This year Cory got a miniature Bag of Holding (dice bag) that matches the image in the game. Karyn got D&D potion models (full-sized) and cards that describe them. Matt, Scott, and Mackers got playing cards made by a local artist at the Portland Saturday Market.

Driving to their houses was not tricky, but the vehicle slipped a few times when crossing a street. Also, the steps to the front door were dangerous! It was more challenging to get out of your car than to drive it!

I stopped by last at Matt’s, and he and his wife, Niki, invited me in for a few minutes. It was nice to see them and Niki, who I only last saw at Matt’s retirement party.

I remembered dad on Christmas Eve, stopped by McDonald’s and ordered a two-cheeseburger meal, dad’s favorite. It took more than 45 minutes to do this version of fast food. As I was pressed for time, it was hard to wait so long, but in a snow mess and pandemic and thus it was not time to take it out on the staff–I was nice.


The fountain at McDonald’s.

I finally, eating while driving, took the highways to reach Susie at hummingbird house in Tigard. The traffic was light, and the main road was just wet. When I got there, Susie had something to eat. So I waited while she ate. Anasa, the nursing aide for today, had most folks at the dinner table eating a late lunch.

Once done and cleaned up, Susie moved to her bedroom, and we opened a present from Linda Wild, a glass with an image of a girl with a cape, “It was never a dress,” is written on the glass. Susie liked it.

We watched an episode of the new Disney+ show, Willow (after the nearly forgotten movie by the same name). It was pretty good but directed toward a younger audience. The girl-to-girl kiss was not a surprise, but another twist surprised me, and I was surprised by the high-quality writing. So far recommended. Evan showed up just towards the end and had only a short visit. We also called Leta, Susie’s mother, and they chatted for a while on FaceTime.


Next, I got Susie ready for church at 5PM with Anasa helping me. I had shoveled the snow and slush away from the boarding area for Air Volvo. I managed to get Susie loaded without any incidents. And unloading, while a bit sloppy in the slush, was uneventful.

The church was a long Christmas Eve service with many solos and carols to sing. The short and to-the-point sermon discussed how Jesus’s birth was consistent with our understanding of scripture and our limited understanding of God’s plan. C.S. Lewis was quoted a few times by Pastor Ken. Pastor Ken suggested it is not just a feeling but intellectual consistent, and logical. We finished with the traditional attempt to handle lighted candles without doing harm while singing Silent Night.

I managed to get Susie back to hummingbird house after wishing everyone a Merry Christmas at church. We then cracked open Wild Turkey and had a Christmas Eve drink. Jennifer and her husband were out shopping, so they could not join us, but Susie and I did OK. We watched one more episode of Willow. Susie found her tastes had changed, and she was not interested in Ginger Ale and bourbon tonight.


I said goodbye with a kiss, as it was getting late-ish. I did not know if it would refreeze (it did not), so I wanted to get Air Volvo to the Volvo Cave before it was icy. I reached home without issue.

I heard that my sister and mother were having some issues. So, without details, I helped Linda feel better. Next, I got out the pasta I made a few days ago, microwaved it, and watched Now You See Me 2, which has a different feel than the first and is more of an adventure film with the superpowers being magic tricks. It is a fun film. I nearly fell asleep after having Bailey’s in my coffee. I was tired. It was a rushed and fun day, but it was time to sleep.

The coughing is now asthma and not a cold. My nose runs non-stop, but the wheezing is mainly gone. I could sleep without issue and soon was asleep.

As the last day of Advent 2022, it is the usual Silent Night for our final ‘door,’ and I selected the minimally engineered version from the Pentatonix singers.

And for those who needed just one more day: One More Day.

Plus, for those stuck in snow storms: Frozen: Let it Go!

Feel free to call, send cards, or even visit. Susie resides at:

Allegiance Senior Care

Adult Foster Care Home

9925 SW 82nd. Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: (503) 246-4116

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