Today 31Jan2022: End of 2022

The morning started with me fighting to get going. I was tired and couldn’t sleep before 2AM. That will suck on Monday night as I am up at 6:15 to travel to the office on Tuesdays. I will try to reverse that soon by getting up at 7ish.

I was a bit rushed in the morning as we had an all-Hill Family (Susan’s mother, Leta, maiden name is Hill) at 11 to celebrate Gene and Glenda’s wedding anniversary. With Joyce’s exception, all the kids and East Coast folks were in New Hamshire at Clint’s and Anika’s place.

I wrote the blog and had breakfast of an NYC bagel with a banana and liberal coffee, the Equal Exchange brand. I remembered all the pieces of my Apple and stuff to use the larger screen I keep in the hummingbird house. In light traffic, I crossed Beaverton without an issue. Susie was already done with breakfast (I had called ahead to ensure that Susie would be ready and completed her breakfast) and happy to see me.

We returned to the social activity room, and I got out my iPad, a gift from the big project I am working on–not a company device but actually mine (taxes had to be paid as it is a form of compensation)–so we could use a bigger screen and camera than my iPhone. Soon the call was active, and I set the iPad against my screen, so it showed Susie and me and required no hands.

The family meeting was pleasant and the first in about a year. Before the pandemic, the family would usually meet somewhere, usually in the Eastern Time Zone, and have a party (birthday, anniversary, and so on) and see the local sights. The pandemic has stopped that for years, so this was the best substitute. No Covid-19 surfaced for the travelers to New Hamshire, a relief. Everyone was now a floating bubble on a FaceTime multi-person call.

Susie was happy to see everyone, and the conversation included some planning for the next parties–with the hope that Covid-19 can be avoided. Maybe July and maybe Virginia near Williamsburg. Everyone wished Gene and Glenda a happy anniversary. Various folks in New Hampshire walked in and out of the camera. It was a good time. We all thought we should do this more often. I will try to remember to set it up.

Once the call was over, Anassa (the nurse aide for the weekends) put Susie in her recliner, and we watched John Wick 2 in the social activity room. Lots of shooting and chase scenes. Susie stayed awake for the whole film–there was a lot of action.

Next, Susie had her usual late lunch. I headed out for ninety minutes to get lunch for myself. The gals that are residents there asked me to get them coffee; apparently, I have been there enough to be considered staff. I did not know the routine for coffee, so I demurred but did learn what to do next time. I don’t mind helping with coffee.

I returned after enjoying a Spicy East Coast Italian sub at Jimmy Johns. I eat it in the car and listen to stories on Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB). This story was about the attempt to widen the appeal of the Mummer Parade in Philadelphia by removing racist and anti-gay material from the parade. Unfortunately, the report on the radio told the failure of the attempt. I did not know the story of the parade or the racist and anti-gay content, and the tale disappointed and saddened me.

I stopped by Kitchen Kaboodle (it is in the same strip mall as Jimmy Johns), a fav, and found a smaller whisk I needed while tempted by the 50% off good French cookware, the $250 price (!) after the discount was still too much for me. It is a good deal, but I only cook for myself now, and the French stuff, while tempting, was not something I really needed. So I settled for a whisk ($15).

After resisting so much at the kitchen store, I returned to the hummingbird house, and Susie was in her bed resting. I sat in Susie’s rocking chair, tried to be quiet with my laptop, and even slept for a few moments. Then, at 5ish, I pushed in the crash pad, turned on the light, and we watched a new show.

Susie’s TV is an extension of the cable at the house. Susie has Disney+, HBOMax, and Prime available to her. We put on Prime and found the new Glass Onion murder mystery show. Daniel Craig (of 007 fame) continued his role as a detective in the movie Knives Out. At first, the show was strange and slow-moving, but then it took off and was fun and a bit insane, much like the Hollywood movie. Susie watched from her bed with her all comfy–but she did not sleep as it was a fascinating episode. Edward Norton joined the cast this time, and he and Janelle Monáe, also new, almost eclipsed Daniel Craig. Recommended! 

After that, it was approaching 8ish, and Susie had a dinner of potato and cheese soup, something Susie likes. Susie needed help eating tonight. Anassa said that Susie has trouble feeding herself when she is tired. Her hands just don’t work right–I could see that. Susie finished dinner quickly and decided it was time to head to bed.

We celebrated New Year in Bahama time (8PM local time), and I left with a kiss. Louis met me on the way to my car. I returned to the house, and we had a drink of Wild Turkey and some rum, just a small amount for me, to celebrate the New Year in NYC (9PM local time). We chatted for a while, and I told the story of how rum is made and its crazy history. I also covered how bourbon and whiskey are made and the difference. I worked in the liquor biz in the 1990s, so I learned all of this. Louis thought it interesting, I hope. It is good to know what you are drinking!

I said good night, not staying for another three hours for the local New Year. I was tired, and Susie was worn-out and needed to sleep. The drive home was well covered by police, including three emergency vehicles charging down the street with lights and sirens, bringing in the New Year with some disasters for some endangered folks.

I arrived safely home, found some Pork Vindaloo I made a few days ago and microwaved that into a small snack dinner after putting away the dishes in the dishwasher. I soon went to bed, but sleep did not come. I read a lot in bed, got up, and bid on some stamps (primarily cheap ones missing from my album that I have followed up on) and a few more expensive USA Revenue stamps, with one I have wanted deeply discounted and free shipping. I managed to purchase another one and was shocked at the $10 shipping after I bid (usually price of shipping is one or two dollars and charged only on one order). Feedback for that purchase, once it arrives, will be less than favorable. I checked, and there was no cost warning until after I purchased it–not very friendly (the stamp is a damaged $90 retail-priced stamp and was at my cost limit, 20% retail, for that type of stamp–space filler–before postage; growl).

The locals set off loud fireworks for the New Year.

I finally got tired at 2AM after reading more in bed. I eventually fell asleep.

Thanks for reading.

I did hear from Rev. Anne Weld-Martin, and Wayne, her husband, is still at St. V hospital, room 663.

Allegiance Senior Care

Adult Foster Care Home

9925 SW 82nd. Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97223




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