Today 18Jan2023: Wednesday–Game Night

Going backward, I am home writing the blog. I met Zophia and her mother, Dondrea, at First United Methodist in Beaverton to play board games. I taught a new one to Zophia, War of Whispers, a hidden goal game slightly based on Game of Thrones. Instead of running the kingdoms (called factions in this game), there is a game for that (called Game of Thrones, and I have played it a few times), you are spies, and you have hidden goals to support and destroy empires. You place your agents to advise the leaders of the factions. There are multiple advisors, and unfilled slots are given to the agents in place. This is just a fun game of messing with kingdoms and ruining your enemy agent’s plans while trying to bring your plans to fruition before they discover them. Zophia managed to scrape by me by one point–I helped her to destroy her enemy kingdom, but mine still held one city, which counted against my score–one point. Next time!

While War of Whispers is fun, it is not easy and not an easy game to learn. Zophia did not get it until the second round. It plays better with three, but a two-person game is exciting because you can control many agents. So while a unique game and a Kickstarter I supported, it does not get that much play. Maybe we will play it more now.

Before heading to the church, I was home after work and had a ham and cheese sandwich for dinner. I also had some more colon issues. Oh my! No accidents.

Before this, I was at work in the afternoon, helping with multiple crises of the moment and completing some year-end paperwork for various managers. As a result, I was pretty busy and missed a few status meetings today as I had more pressing issues.

Moving further back in the day, I was at my physical therapy (I have one session left), and they worked on my leg strength. I am having pain in my right knee that does allow me to bend it fully with weight–it flashes pain and then suddenly releases (yikes!). The lift for Susie makes this worse. They may extend the PT to cover this issue if it does not improve by next week.

Before PT, I was at lunch. I did not have that much time, so I chose a tuna fish sandwich at Subway in Bethany for lunch. Susie is allergic to tuna fish, so I never make it (even now, it is just a habit to never buy tuna). Subway toast it on fresh bread and stuff the sandwich with veggies–perfect. I had the sub with a small bag of baked chips and a diet drink. It was great, but the place was cold. Actually, I froze all day.

Before lunch, I was at Susie’s place. I left work after 11ish and arrived in Air Volvo at the hummingbird house as Susie finished her breakfast. I was not rushed as I had lunch and PT to follow and no work meetings (but I did seem to have many crises when I got back). We called Susie’s mother, Leta, from the social activity room. Leta had just got home when we called–she was back from grocery shopping. Susie and Leta chatted for a bit. Susie said she was feeling good and seemed happy. I stayed for about thirty minutes and then left with a kiss as Susie headed to her recliner in the shared living room.

(flowers from Smiths + Jason)

Before this, I was at work at 8 and did the stand-up to monitor our work. I found myself helping to execute the ceremony as our usual leader was out. I had to remember my Jira skills fast. Luckily, I had coffee!

I was up at 6 and did my stretches and exercises, skipping those that involved my knees. Breakfast was a banana and liberal coffee.

Thank you for reading!

Allegiance Senior Care

Adult Foster Care Home

9925 SW 82nd. Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: (503) 246-4116




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