Today 26Jan2023: Thursday

The day started out with me waking at 6:07 without an alarm. No alarm set. I managed to rise and get started only a few minutes late. I started the water to heat and set out a breakfast of a banana and yogurt. Then, I went to the living room and did my stretches and exercises for twenty minutes. It was Thursday, so I only did some of the exercises, which worked with the slightly reduced time.

I soon was reading emails (both mine and work) and reviewing slack messages. I ate my breakfast as I tried to catch up on emails, messages, and the news. Soon it was 7ish, and I was in the shower, and by 7:35, I was in Air Volvo headed to the office, the Clubhouse building, not on Nike WHQ. Rumors are that we will (will not) move to the WHQ campus.

My lunch was canceled at WHQ today. I started my ninety minutes of Zoom meetings at 8:00 in a small conference room. My hearing issues make head phone uncomfortable, so I get a room. I also don’t want to be that guy talking loudly to my laptop while other people in the room try to ignore it. It is rude, but many folks do it.

I find coffee with my team and try the stairs. I try them once a day. I am getting better at them. My legs are moving with the same timing, which is an improvement. I still have to pull myself up with my arm on the way up, but it is less needed now. My legs are lifting enough now to not hit my toe on the step and fall forward/backward, which is why I still use the elevator. It is getting better.

Around 11AM, I headed in Air Volvo to the hummingbird house. I arrived twenty minutes later using 26 to 217 without traffic or events. Susie was using her new blanket in her recliner in the shared living room. I brought cookies from her nieces–Girl Scout cookies mailed to the house. Jennifer will find a way for Susie to enjoy her favorite peanut butter cookies. Next, we called Leta, Susie’s mother, and she showed us her partially removed porch. She is replacing it with a deck, which will allow some repairs. Squirrels are enjoying her attic! We learned Barb, Susie’s sister, was on another snow day (she works as the school secretary in Grand Ledge, Michigan) from Leta. We called Barb next. We chatted for a while.

Already I was out of time. I left with a kiss and a promise to return on Friday. I then headed around Tigard, trying to find a bell. We wanted a front desk like a bell for work. None at Target. I headed back towards the office, stopped by Michael’s, and found one. I was also able to pick up a few craft items I needed. Perfect.

I stopped next at Burger King and had a good burger and average fries. I rushed my lunch and headed back to work. My boss, Brad, was enchanted with the bell, and we have a new thing when you solve a software issue (a defect), ring the bell. Rajani got the first ring. At the end of the day, I put the bell in the cupboard with appropriate solemnity.

I finished the day working on a few issues and waiting for more test results. I was not happy, as usual, with our decisions on important issues. But, again, details do not belong here, and also, I know that over longer horizons, we will get this fixed. So I am not very upset.

My return home was after 5PM, and while dark, there was no rain or traffic and, happily, no imaginative application of driving traditions tonight from my fellow drivers. Thus, I arrived with all the paint still on the Volvo. I found my Olympic Provision order at the front door (it was cold enough to not be an issue) and was happy to get some of their small hams and other meat goodies. They deliver here as if it was Portland (I called during the pandemic, and they agreed that 97003 is in Portland). I put that away (resisting making a sandwich with that perfect ham), but instead boiled water with some hot dogs from my previous grill selection–delivered last week with buns and sour kraut. I made hot dogs dressed with sour kraut for dinner. Nothing like this locally-made meat and fermented products!

I watched a few episodes of Vox Machina while eating. I am into the second season, and there is a change in the writing and characters that I am not sure I enjoy as much as the first season. More watching is required.

I then started back on my boat model, the second one, and drove back to Rainy Day Games and bought a bottle of Dork Paint–metallic paints. I glued down the second half of the main deck decking. I will finish the decking on Friday. I will make a junk-styled sail for this model from red felt. Going for a different look than the first model. I am inspired by some work I saw online that I liked. I will keep the rigging minimum for the second one. More SciFi and Fantasy than the more practical rigging in the first model.

I am writing the blog while the paint and glue dry on the model. Zophia is in a play this week, so there was no game yesterday. I hope to see her and the play on Friday.

Thank you for reading.

Allegiance Senior Care

Adult Foster Care Home

9925 SW 82nd. Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: (503) 246-4116

1 thought on “Today 26Jan2023: Thursday”

  1. Dinner looks delicious, did you have cookies for dessert too?
    Meg attends Grand Ledge School, I wonder if Barb is the secretary at her school!?


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