Story 31Jan2023: Actually last day of Jan2023

Yesterday I thought it was the last day of January, but that is today. Finally, I was feeling much better after getting some sleep last night. I woke on Tuesday morning at 6 and decided to sleep until 6:30, which seemed only a few seconds later. I got started, skipping stretches and exercises as my back was painful. I made toast with peanut butter and the rest of the canned peaches from yesterday, dumping most of the syrup. The peaches are canned in their own juice, not sugar syrup. I made coffee in the French Press, liberal coffee.

I soon read all the emails (work and my own), messages on Slack channels, and text and read the news on BBC and CNN and a bit of the New York Times. Together I get a clear picture (the BBC has better reporting on Ukraine and often has interesting USA news that CNN and NYT lose in all the important stories). Next, I rush to the shower and dressed, collect the Nike laptop and charger, and took Air Volvo to work.

The drive-in was busy with folks driving slowly on perfectly dry roads without rain. The puddles were frozen by the cold night and freezing wind from the high desert east of here. I was cold and had some trouble getting warm at work.

Work was a continuation of yesterday’s issues and chaos, or in other words, the usual. The feel is not the on-coming of layoffs but the usual chaos of software development and pushing technology to the limits–again, my typical day. More old friends have been announced joining the project, and some of the problems we solved before need to be solved again. I was feeling better today about work.

I was rushed all morning but managed to slip out after 11 to see Susie and find lunch. I called my mother, Barb Wild, and she was unhappy as she woke and the ceiling in her bedroom had a problem, maybe a water leak. I asked her to call my sister. I talked to Rev. Anne Weld-martin while at work and called her back after ringing off with Mrs. Wild, Sr. Pastor Anne had a problem with her computer, and I will visit her tonight after 8 to help with it. Unfortunately, her printer is not working right, and I could not solve it over the phone.

Mom, Barb Wild, I learned had a dream about the issues with her house. It was not real. I am glad everything is fine.

Susie was just finishing a late breakfast when I arrived. She was delighted to see me, and we retired to the social activity room; she was still in her wheelchair. We then called Leta, Susie’s mother, and they chatted for a while on my iPhone. We talked for an extended time, but soon it was noon, and I had to leave. I had a meeting at 1PM and needed to find lunch. So I kissed Susie goodbye, left her in Jennifer’s hands, the live-in nurse aide, and got aboard Air Volvo.

I tried a new sandwich place, and no name is given here, as the service was good, but the food was microwaved cheaper sandwiches, not toasted. Terrible. The meat in my NYC-styled sandwich was cheap and reminded me of a substandard sandwich I had at Arby’s. A total miss.

I rushed back to the office, noticing I was wrong, as I saw some flashing lights and Beaverton Police was out in the cold. I had not seen them for months on Highway 26. I returned to work and had a few meetings and more crises of the moment. I drove home at 4:40ish after my last meeting.

My 5PM meeting was gone from my calendar. Yeah!

I started on dinner. Gnocchi in North African style sauce with green beans and artichoke hearts. I boiled some water while heating excellent sauce from a jar that is a lemon and olive-flavored red sauce, not Italian-style. I cooked frozen beans, Schwann’s, in the microwave. I opened a can of artichoke hearts, used half, and froze the rest for later. I added that and olives to the sauce heating on the stove. I then combined the drained and cooked gnocchi, green beans, and sauce. It was wonderful and had no meat.

I had leftovers that I packed in the glassware that Glenda and Gene sent me.

I watched some more Lord of the Rings, The Rings of Power series and enjoyed another episode. I am still liking it a second time. It does not drag so much the second time–interesting.

Well, I have to get this done so I can head out and help Rev. Anne at 8. I had a few Girl Scout cookies for dessert.

Thanks for reading!

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