Today 7Feb2023: Tuesday

The day started at 6AM, with me waking with my alarm. I had fallen asleep from exhaustion the night before and had to get up at 1:30AM to finish getting ready for bed. I was happy that I was not dragging when I started on Tuesday morning. The lack of sleep seems to be causing my breathing issues.

I did my stretches and exercises, excluding those not done daily, and then read emails and Slack channel updates. I was busy until 7ish, when I showered and got dressed. I boarded Air Volvo and arrived before 8AM at the Clubhouse office building for the shoe company and home of our project.

The project was finishing important critical path tasks, and at 1PM was the determination to move to the next step. I was voting this time as I was filling in for my co-worker Rajani who was doing family things in India–we wish them all well and a great time in India (wish we were there to help and enjoy the events).

I had multiple crises of the moment and some vendor patches that did not work, and I had to send a message to the vendor to fix their stuff (SAP Incident on SAP notes, for you who speak SAP). I received some suggestions from the vendor, applied more patches, and then returned the message as that, too, failed. We also had a severe break and other issues. I was busy.

Everything quieted for a moment, and I headed out to see Susie. I arrived at the hummingbird house in Air Volvo without incident or enjoying imaginative driving from my fellow drivers. The grey wet seemed to slow everyone and drain them of any imagination. But I love it–it is an Oregon thing. “Look at that grey; wow, it is dark!” is something only an Oregonian would say with a smile.

Susie was still eating when I arrived at 11. I stood by and read a letter from Eva to Susie while she ate–Thank you, Eva. Susie ate until 11:15, finishing her Ensure, strawberry flavor. Susie and I then headed to the social activity room and called Leta, her mother. Leta called us back when she was in her house; she was returning from Bible Study when we called. For St. Valentine’s Day, I ordered fruitcake and fudge from the monks for Leta–she loved it. Leta and Susie chatted for a while. I stayed longer than my usual short stay on a work day. I thought Susie need a bit more time and she seemed relieved when I stayed a bit longer. But I had issues showing on my iPhone from the project and questions I needed to answer. So I left Susie with a kiss and she was OK with me leaving today. No tears for me today.

Work went on with a few more crises and then suddenly slowed, the usual afternoon change of shift slowdown. I stay past my shift and start before it so I can prevent any botched handovers. I am not sure I can keep that up, but for the moment it works.

I did the pre-sale of Expeditions from Stonemaier Games picking the maxed-out version, of course. This is the same company that made the board game Scythe and this new game is based on the same steampunk themes. I have a totally bling’d version of Scythe and there was no thought of not buying this new game.

I also read that Vindication, another fav game, is finally delivering the last Kickstarter in the USA. I also read that there is a fix package, free, for all the corrections (like the last time) that have been discovered. A special Penitence card pack is also being provided for free as a special for us supporters. Yes, the game was designed here in the Greater Portland Area, overly polite, and over-caffeinated.

Well, it will be a short blog. Not much to share–just lots of work at work. I did order through the app from Olive Garden and picked up dinner. Spaghetti with meatballs, two breadsticks (they changed to only two breadsticks years ago), and a great salad. I ate that and watched the Vox Machina episodes I missed these last few weeks. This is a profane animated series based on a Dungeons and Dragon campaign–I am liking the second season.

Thanks for reading.

Allegiance Senior Care

Adult Foster Care Home

9925 SW 82nd. Ave.

Portland, Oregon 97223

The house phone number: (503) 246-4116

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