Today 16Feb2023: Crazy Thursday

I again forgot to get a picture of Susie today, sorry.

Someday I will sleep until 6AM instead of waking at 5:30ish and waking and falling asleep a few times until it is five minutes, too, and then the deep sleep comes just in time for the alarm to startle me out of bed. I grabbed my phone; no calls and no crises at the shoe company, and I contemplated skipping my exercises and stretches and sleeping another hour, but that would be more walking up and over and over, so it best to start Thursday.

Thus, I walked to the kitchen. I started by unloading the clean ones and replacing them with dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Then, I loaded the electric kettle for coffee with water and headed to the living room. 1990s Alternative Rock and Grunge playing on Alexa while I did the complete list on the carpet. This includes a rubber strip around my legs to pressure me as I side-step down and back from the bedroom. I did not think of this until now: Music.

I rushed through the exercises with all the fast-paced 1990s music. I made coffee, liberal, in my French Press and identified a banana and yogurt with fruit for breakfast. I was quickly caught up on the events of the previous night for our data conversions for the project, and my email (mostly junk) and even read the events–more mass shootings and the dead for the earthquake totaling more than 20,000–sad to have so many newish building crumbles. Corruption is deadly.

It is not just Turkey and Syria, Portland is not ready, and all those unprotected buildings and bridges will come down on a large-scale earthquake; the last big quake was in 1799 and was so big that the wave hit Japan, and there was damage to cargo ships in the Japansese harbors (this was recorded in old accounting records recently discovered). With the housing crunch in Portland, nobody is talking about condemning buildings that are not reinforced. The library, Powell’s Books, and City Hall are all reinforced, but hundreds of older brick and iron-framed buildings are not. The loss of life in Portland will be huge when the big one hits (7+).

The Volvo Cave had to have an unsafe electrical box (!) replaced—it was cheap and faulty (yes, corruption is not just found in foreign lands). The water heater was upgraded (same). The foundation is not reinforced, and the corners are not bolted (same), but the house will likely survive unless it subducts in the clay (no way of really knowing if this will happen–too many variables). Earthquake insurance has been purchased for the Volvo Cave. The house will likely take some rebuilding (the foundation will fail, but not enough to destroy the house) as the flooring is 2x4s and will survive anything short of a fire. I would expect a $50,000 repair bill with insurance covering anything above that (yes, you must pay the first part).

Returning to the narrative, I showered, dressed, and boarded Air Volvo and was at the office before 8AM. My boss is still out ill. I started my day with a new challenge. Leadership had a recent crisis of the moment for me. I rallied my team, and we managed to work on the issue, but the next shift will do more work. I also read designs, approved various fixes, and tried to be helpful.

Lunch today was with Scott at the WHQ for Nike, Serena William’s building. I parked in the NYC garage, always near empty on the 3rd and 4th floor, and walked to the GOAT’s building (Greatest of All Time). It is a lovely walk through a forest with a brick path (grey-black bricks). The cafe in the building has a beautiful salad bar, and Scott and I both enjoy it, plus some excellent artisan bread. We talked about work and his newest work. It is always fun to catch up.

Next, I traveled on 26 to 217 to Susie’s place. I think she was just finishing lunch when I arrived; Jennifer, the live in nurse aide, had Susie ready when I got there for the social activity room. We connected with Susie’s mother, Leta, and she and Susie chatted for some time. Leta even had a call from Susie’s sister, Barb, while we were using FaceTime on my iPhone to connect. Leta and Susie like to see each other. After Leta rang off, I covered the plans for the next couple of days with Susie. I think Saturday will be the mall (I have to lift Susie into and out of the Volvo), and Sunday will be a movie. Susie liked the plan. Friday will be the usual quick visit during a work day. Nike will change to summer hours in May 2023, and I expect to watch a movie or like activity on Friday afternoon. Nike also closes for a week in August.

I returned to the crises and helped move them forward. We had a few misstep (none can be expanded here), but we recovered. The following shift folks will cover what we cannot. The big event is early this coming morning. I hope India has a good day (night/morning for us).

I headed home after the 4:30 status meeting. The traffic was usual for Thursday (slightly busy) in our area. I put out the trash as it is Thursday (Friday pickup). I rested for a bit, got turned down to buy dinner for some folks, and headed to BJ’s Brewhouse alone, but Eric, my usual waiter, was ready for me. I was too late for a porkchop; you need to be here by 5:30 to be assured of getting one, but I had the small steak with baked potato, beans, and beer, and it was perfect (the Tri-tip is on special for happy hour). Later, coffee with a shot of almond liqueur on the side. Finished with a single scoop of chocolate ice cream.

Full, happy, relaxed, and enjoying writing the blog tonight at BJ’s with Eric ready for me. All good.

I was planning on doing tax stuff tonight, but after a day of crises (that I cannot describe here), taxes were not going to be done tonight.

I have been reading Fritz Leiber’s the Grey Mouser and Fafhrd series by another author. The last book in the series. It is terrible, and the hack cannot find his voice and does not try to copy Leiber’s style (1998), but it is still nice to revisit this fantasy world. The heroes’ greatest story is early on in their tales: Ill Met in Lankhmar. I recommend you search it out for a true dose of Swords and Sorcery from the 1950s (yes, that far back). The other story, “Adept’s Gambit,” from 1947 (!), is often my model for writing Dungeons and Dragons adventures, with me rereading it when I need inspiration. In the strange world of comics, Grey Mouser and Farhrd work with CatWomen. Even a hack job is still great. I recommend the series.

Well, it is a good night. The project news is good, as some long-running jobs have been completed early. It has been fun to eat and drink in the bar.

Thanks for reading.



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