Today 19Feb2023: Working Sunday

I am getting tired as this is the second weekend I have supported the data conversions for the shoe company’s test computer systems. I started by sleeping into 7ish and going slow and a bit unsteady. I had coffee and a banana for breakfast and enjoyed the 8:30 status meeting. It being Sunday morning, I had to write the blog for Saturday, and I spent much of the morning writing. I took a few breaks picking up my work table in the office and the big table. I continued to be careful and skipped the stretches and exercises after nearly falling yesterday–I was still sore.

I had some work issues that kept me busy while trying to write. I finally got dressed and then decided to get something more to eat. I chopped up the last of the first Olympic Provision ham (I bought two) and fried that, and then added Egg Beaters and cheese. I ate the scrambled eggs while I caught the last 1/2 of Dondrea’s sermon online. I was not planning to watch it, but I discovered it was running and watched it. It was great.

At closer to noon than 11 is when I boarded Air Volvo and traveled across Beaverton. I dodged a Lexus that decided that Air Volvo was trans-dimensional and they could cross three lanes into my space on a five-lane portion of Hall Boulevard. I saw them coming and changing lanes instead of trying to find the dematerialize TARDIS control. Another car decided to drive in the wrong way, which was easier than appropriately changing lanes and turning left again. Then, the Lexus was cut off by another vehicle that waited in the turning lane and then decided to take the lane that I gave up not seeing the charging Lexus. Oh my! No unfortunate contacts occurred.

Amazed to not be speeding through place and time using the TARDIS controls on Air Volvo, I reached the hummingbird house intact and still in this time stream. Susie was in her chair in the shared living room and we quickly moved to her room and rocking chair to watch a movie with me. We found the old Disney Pinocchio (1940) on Disney+ with Susie’s fav, Jimmy Cricket. This is an RKO production, which surprised me. Susie sang all the songs and stayed awake the whole time. I managed not to nod off.

We then sang along with the short, Lava, released with Inside Out, another Pixar film. It is a fun little song, and I enjoy it each time I play the short movie. I just happened to see it on the Disney+ selection and played it.

We also connected with Barb, Susie’s sister, who used FaceTime to allow us to chat with her, Leta (Susie’s mother), and Emma (Barb’s daughter). It was a nice chat and fun to talk to the folks in Michigan. Emma uses an electric bike instead of a car and said she was still able to use it in Michigan despite the cold and the snow.

Susie had lunch and some care, and I headed out for a short lunch at the nearby Red Robin. Nadile was again a tending bar, and I had an ensalda platter with two chicken breasts and a Diet Coke. Unfortunately, my colon decided to cause me some issues, but I was able to handle that without an accident. I finished a quick lunch and said goodbye to Nadile–we did not have much time to chat.

Aside: Susie cannot be left in her room without putting up the railings, arranging her crash pad, and lowering her bed over it to lock in the pad and reduce the distance of any fall. Something I did before I left and was rechecked (I don’t mind them double-checking me) by Louis or Jennifer.

When I returned, Susie was finishing her chicken noodle soup (blended and thickened to prevent choking), and then Louis, the other live-in nursing aide married to Jennifer, put Susie to bed to rest. I stayed with her in the rocking chair, arranged the room, and did a work call at 4:30.

Susie was resting and sleeping happily as I had just stayed for another thirty minutes. She likes it when I visit, and she falls asleep when I am there and wakes up when I am still there. It feels a bit like home to her.

I headed home at 5:20 with a kiss from Susie, who was still resting. Louis took my suggestion to offer Susie a snack for dinner as she had a late lunch, which usually worked for me. Susie will eat if not given too large of portions to start. I used to cut her grilled cheese sandwiches into quarters–Susie loves grilled anything with cheese. She could easily eat a quarter and often save one quarter for an hour or two later.

On the way home, I stopped and got gas at $3.95 a gallon (up twenty cents from the low), and then stopped at Safeway and picked up some items I missed last weekend. I have garbage bags, cream cheese for my bagel-like locally-made bread products, and a few other things I needed. Also, I bought flowers for Susie–I left them in the cargo bay of Air Volvo so I don’t forget them (it will not be below freezing tonight, so the flowers should be fine).

Work continued with me watching a few more crises of the moment, but it was not my shift, and there was no call for me to help, so I just stayed informed.

I did the dishes and moved a few more things around in the office. My radio, the one I built, stopped working right after I moved it, which is annoying–I fixed it by turning up the volume (a software issue on my volume control and had nothing to do with moving it). I have been listening to it for an hour and it is working well. Excellent.

I had reheated pasta and meatballs (Glenda is smiling somewhere) for dinner. I finished the last of the leftovers.

I rested a bit and read. Qiu Xiaolong is a new American-based author I am reading. He has revived the Judge Dee Tang Empire stories, and his books are originally written in English. I am enjoying the first part of his Shadow of the Empire, The (A Judge Dee Investigation Book 1), and it reminds me, to some degree, of the previous books I have read: the old Robert van Gulik’s version (translated from Dutch) which I recommend and likely acquired cheaply from Thrift stores now. I also ordered Qiu Xiaolong detective stories and more when I got to it.

Well, it is getting late. Time to stop. Thanks for reading.




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