Today 22Feb2023: Snowy Wednesday

Just reading and relaxing tonight, so started on the blog late, 10ish. There are a few inches of snow now, and more are coming down. It will be 25F (-4C) tonight. The homeless people sleeping on the steps to the church, the side door, were taken to a warming station. I left them one of my emergency blankets from Air Volvo. I did not know what to do, so I left them a thermal and waterproof blanket. I will buy a new one for Air Volvo. I am relieved that they are safe.

It is Ash Wednesday, and snowing and cold. The roads are not plowed, and the salt is slowly melting some snow here and there. So folks are driving at 1/2 speed or slower. I had to pass folks as I did not want to stop suddenly when they panicked. Using all-weather tires that are well cared for, good alignment, and automatic four-wheel drive made it an easy night in Air Volvo. The braking is also computer controlled to prevent a spin-out.

I had dinner, for the first time, with Dondrea and Zophia, Z, on tonight’s snowy night. We had come from the Ash Wednesday service, which managed to fill two tables of folks and was pleasant and traditional without a sermon. We applied ashes to each other’s foreheads under the direction of the Revs. Wayne and Anne Weld-Martin.

Returning to the food, dinner was Mexican and excellent, and the place was busy despite the storm (or maybe because of it). Dondread and I both had Chili Verde Pork. I believe Z tried a Chili Relleno and an enchilada (cheese). I had a beer and then coffee finishing with flan. Z tried fried ice cream shared with Dondrea. It was a fun dinner.

Before this, I stayed at work until the snow started, as I had a 4:30 meeting. The afternoon was quiet, and I was doing some research. I had lunch at Jimmy John’s, a Night Club sandwich–A version of a grinder. It was good, and I listened to an Oregon Public Broadcasting interview at Lincoln Highschool in Portland with writer Patrick Radden Keefe, a reporting and writer at The New Yorker. He writes about true crime and describes how he writes to keep your interest. Often starting a new piece in an unexpected direction and slowly bringing the real story forward to keep the reader interested and focused. It was an interesting interview, and I will try to read more by Mr. Keefe.

Before lunch, I visited Susie, who was back in bed after breakfast. I called her mother, Leta, and Susie, and she chatted for quite some time. Leta is focusing on the pest problems in her house. Next, we called Barb, Susie’s sister, who works for a school and had a Snow Day in Michigan today. She and Susie chatted for a while. Soon, I was out of time and left with a kiss. Susie was visibly sad to see me leave, but no tears today. Always hard.

Before this, I was at work doing hours of Zoom meetings. A few crises of the moment arose. A typical Wednesday for me.

I started at 6 and did all my exercises and stretches.

Sorry, I am getting tired. I will stop there.

The backyard with snow at 10ish.

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