Briefing 27Feb2023: Monday

Yesterday I forgot to write a blog. That has never happened before. With me working for three weekends, the days all seem to run together, and I am not sure what I should be doing each anymore. So I will just cover the important things that happened on Monday.

Susie was better today. She was no longer confused and exhausted. The black circles near her eyes have faded. Susie was having a good day.

When I headed to see Susie after the usual Monday morning with hours of Zoom meetings, a few crises of the moment, and breakfast (liberal coffee and a banana), I called and spoke to Jennifer, the nurse aide for today (who lives there). Susie’s shipment of Ensure (strawberry flavor) had not arrived, and she was out, I was told. So I stopped at Target near the hummingbird house, bought four six-packs, and found some flowers. Thus I brought supplies and a bouquet of flowers to Susie on Monday morning.

Susie was delighted with the flower, and Jennifer was happy she could provide Ensure Plus for Susie–the protein version was not recommended for Susie–too much protein. Susie was in her recliner in the shared living room. Jennifer reported that Susie had eaten her breakfast and handled eating better–a perfect day.

I was rushed; I had chores on Monday, picking up my new pants (four pairs) from the cleaners who shortened them and getting Air Volvo washed (the car was filthy from the salt and sand from the snow event). My phone was sounding message after message on Slack! So I quickly called Leta, Susie’s mother, and Leta and Susie chatted on FaceTime using my iPhone. But, soon, I had to rush out, and Susie, disappointed by a short visit, but understanding, gave me a kiss goodbye.

Lucky for me, all the driving was better on Monday in Air Volvo was easy. The weather, still predicting snow, was just rain. A few times, it rained hard, the gutters gurgling loudly at the Volvo Cave, but no snow or ice.

The next event was I made dinner after work ramped down, and the data conversions were running on other systems and doing long-running jobs, so it was a point where our team was less needed. I had defrosted two pounds of pork and made Goan Pork Vindaloo, a recipe from Cook’s Magazine. I add potatoes and carrots instead of serving them with rice. I messed up on the spicing, and it was hotter flavored than it should have been–still good; I packed away at least two meals in the frig as leftovers.

I tossed all the Army Painter paint bottles with older-styled labels or from sets. All of those are over five years old. I have apparently bought more new paints and never tossed the old ones. I have reduced my collection of paints by 50%. I ordered more paints and a few new brushes (free shipping) from the Army Painter website. The local gaming store was out of these supplies. I also tossed a few paints that were nearly done.

I was feeling OK and did my exercises and stretches, and then my knee started to complain, as did my back. So I will skip the exercises on Tuesday.

I felt overwhelmed on Monday after working about twenty days straight and just wanted to rest for a while and get some things done (cooking dinner, picking up around the house, doing laundry, and getting new clothes).

Thanks for reading!

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