Today 12March2023: ER and a full day

Sunday, I was trying to run slower and rest up a bit. I did not want to wear myself out, and I have a colonoscopy on Wednesday, so I was trying to get some rest. Sunday was not restful.

The day started with me starting after 8AM as I had set no alarm, and it was a time change morning. So my usual wake-up early was an hour off. I do not like time change weekends. So I was online and writing my blog, a rather lone one, skipping church and getting ready about 30 minutes late, and headed to Susie’s at 11:30ish. The traffic, likely impacted by the time change, was light and not imaginative with applying traffic laws or traditions.

Susie, and it is hard to remember as the day went off the rails later, was just finishing her breakfast with Anassa, the nurse aide on the weekend, feeding Susie as her right arm is still not working. Susie had bleeding in the muscle of her right arm, which caused a large bruise and a thrombosis in the arm, making it painful to move. Susie moved, my memory is dim here, to her recliner, and we called her mother, who was concerned about Susie’s new impairment, her right arm. We sat and watched Tim Allen’s latest comedy reruns for a while, and then I headed to lunch while Susie had some soup with Anassa at hummingbird house.

Lunch was soup, thinking of the future, so Panera was nearby. I had never tried this one, and it was pleasant and clean, and the food was just a little better than the usual Panera stuff. I had the new, improved version of French Onion soup and hot tea. I sat and watched some videos in a corner away from folks so I could hear and they would not hear it and be annoyed. I watched some new Nerd of the Ring videos–can’t get enough LOTR. I thanked the manager for the lovely place and food as I left.

Susie was resting in bed when I got there, her arm was not improved but was not much worse, and she was comfy. I stayed with her all afternoon using my hotspot on my iPhone for Internet as the connection at the hummingbird house (Comcast) was unstable. Susie was awake much of the afternoon and woke me once after I nodded off. The whole remaining afternoon was us just hanging out in her room.

I headed next, having put all the books, papers, and iPod in the car this morning so I could play Dungeons and Dragons. I stopped by McMenamins to get some soup and a Ruby beer. I had almost no time, but they went fast, and I got dinner.

I was just a few minutes early at Cory’s house. We are playing Spelljammers 5e, a D&D roleplaying game in space with warp engines. I play an out-of-the-book Paladin of Devotion, a holy knight, and found myself healing and saving folks in too close (nearly total-party-kill, TPK) battle. My character casts spells that help or bring wraith; my paladin can recover by lay-on-hands. I was busy all night in three harsh battles healing and protecting and allowing my now healed fellow adventures to bring on the damage to the bad guys.

We did get to use one of the models of a space jammer I built. They still look good (I forgot to take a photo). In the last battle for the night, I got a call from Michelle Nixon from Allegiance Senior Care. Susie’s arm was much worse, and they wanted to send her to the ER. I suddenly had to leave. Matt V offered me help, and I could not think of anything and left. I headed to St.V as that was on the way to the Hummingbird house in Portland (Tigard) at 9925 SW 82nd. Ave. Portland (Tigard), OR 97223; phone (503) 246-4116.

Susie was sent to Legacy Meridian Park; never been there, but Air Volvo nav led me there. An older and less formal hospital than I am used to. After the usual confusion of getting incomplete directions and being redirected, I found Susie, who was looking OK. However, her arm was more yellow and a bit more swollen. The ER doc was not worried and suggested we get another ultrasound and do some basic blood work. Susie consented to the needles; it took two draws to get the needed blood.

The blood tests said Susie was her usual slightly out of the ordinary, but smart ER doc had checked this against her previous results, which they were consistent with, and thus he was less concerned–Susie was not bleed-out. The ultrasound found no blood clots and showed the thrombosis was about the same, and they could better imagine it. All done; the only thing to do is put the blood thinner on hold and see if that helps the arm, but that was our doc’s decision.

I was then mistreated, and Susie was treated roughly to get her out of the room. A rude person was unhappy and took it out on us. I heard one of the nurses chewing on the admin folks about our case, as they apparently had done all the paperwork wrong the first time and had to redo it. Also, I had to have the hummingbird house call them and arrange transport.

A skilled and friendly man with an excellent van and wheelchair returned Susie to the hummingbird house after midnight. The night staff cared for us now and were happy to help. I tipped the driver and left and was home at about 2ish.

When driving through the Scholl Ferry intersection, with a green light, I swear, all the ticket lights went off. Ugh! I hope the light was green!

I took my meds, had a bagel cold from NYC (thanks, Joyce), and waited 30 mins for my phone to charge up, and then went to bed.

Thanks for reading.


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