Today 20March2023

When did I miss March? How can it be more than half over? With Susie’s sudden bleeding, ER trip, and my colonoscopy, I feel like I missed March. Yet, I seem to have advanced to Sweet-16 for college basketball.

Today the light Oregon mist returns, not rain, just endless sprinkles. The frogs and toads are singing loudly and likely making more. Last night, I had no vehicle behind Air Volvo, so I stopped for a tiny frog crossing our street and made a wide turn to get into the driveway to avoid yet another hopping diminutive amphibian. Nice to see the season move to Spring today.

The day started with me waking at 4 and then 5 and then 6 and finally getting up and starting my Monday early. Mondays are work-from-home work days at the shoe company. I had a Zoom stand-up, an Agile methodology ceremony, that we did remotely and all on Zoom (sitting). I spent the morning reading emails, reviewing Slack Channel updates, and reading the news on CNN, BBC, and the New York Times (I have a subscription). This caught me up on what was happening at work and in the world.

Banks are still coming unglues, and folks are wondering if they should panic. No. This is the usual story of less-than-talented wealthy people taking risks that they do not completely understand and complaining when they lose money. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) also seems to have been some of the causes. The last resort bonds of the now defunct Credit Suisse bank, a new property for UBS now, AT1, were not paid in the settlement. Apparently, folks (hedge funds) were buying the bonds up at a deep discount expecting to get a payoff when the bank collapsed, but no money this time. Many rich folks are yelling about SVB and now Credit Suisse and how the bondholders of AT1 should be paid. The central banks are not paying the carpet baggers. Makes me smile.

I saw the Fed Ex truck turn around and got a message I had a delivery. Nothing. I checked the photo. My package was delivered next door–growl. I went next door and got my package from their porch. The box, with my name and correct address, was my new electronic parts. I was hoping the 4″ speakers would work for my next project, but luckily I have 3″ speakers on the way.

Now that I had my delivery. I headed to Susie’s place in Air Volvo after having a breakfast of liberal coffee (it tastes better today–defaulting bank bonds go with Equal Exchange coffee), some leftover Irish soda bread, and a banana. Susie had finished her breakfast and napped in her assigned recliner in the shared space in the living room. Judge Judy was on the TV. We called Leta, but she was driving, so we waited ten minutes for her to call us back. We watched a 2017 episode of the show. Leta called, now home, and she and Susie had a pleasant chat. They can see each other as we use FaceTime on my iPhone. It was cold and clear in Michigan, she told us. We covered our gray-on-gray wet weather. But, as always happens on a workday, I could only stay a short while and left with a kiss and a promise to return on Tuesday.

The trip back to the house was uneventful. Once at the Volvo Cave, I reheated my boiled dinner; I still had corned beef left with the fixings. So I ate that while at my office in the house. Work went on slowly, and I had a meeting at 3PM that went over. The day finally ended at 4-5.

I decided to make no-seafood jambalaya from a box. First, I chopped up my nearly expired kielbasa from Olympic Provisions, some of their ham, and some corned beef (I made a large brisket on St. Patrick’s Day). I fry this in some oil in the big pan until brown and starting to stick a bit. I then added some garlic (the Pope), and after that cooked a bit, I added a can of fire-toasted stewed tomatoes. I prefer the Mexican-style strewed tomato with green peppers and spices, but these are good too. Next, I stir in the seasoned rice from the box. Next, I add two cups of boiling water from the kettle. I bring that to a boil (that takes no time) and then cook for twenty minutes on low.

It was great, not missing the shrimp, and I watched the latest Mandalorian episode while overeating. The next episode had two parts, and I was surprised and unhappy with it–no spoilers. This new season is strange.

After that, I headed to Wildwood Taphouse. I went the way of the gas station, filling the empty tank (over 17.3 gallons–fumes) as I was holding out for gas under $4 here ($4.09, remember no sales tax). There I bought the gas and then realized I had forgotten my phone, and returned home for it. I still decided to head to Wildwood Taphouse and discovered the excellent people paid $50 ahead on my tab. Thus I am drinking for free.

I am writing the blog and just finished my first small glass of something dark and bitter, like my previous week.



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