Today 22March2023

Today I played board games with Z at First United Methodist Church in Beaverton for the first time in a few weeks. We twice played the locally created board game, Vindication, each winning a game with a large point spread. Z had not remembered how to play, so the first game was a learning game. The first game-ending conditions, randomly assigned, were harder to reach, and so the game played longer. This allowed me to gain quite a lead on Z and hold it. Then, in the second came, she took the lead and stayed with it.

Vindication is a resource and worker placement game with some discovery features. It is also quite elegant, and I think fun to play. Once you know how it works, the game seems to just play for you.

We ate our dinners first, soup for the recovering Z and a Five Guys burger for me (my first one since before the pandemic) with fries and a Diet Ginger Soda. After food, we got out Vindication and played it for the rest of our time together. After that, Z and Dondrea, Z’s mother, headed home, and I took Air Volvo to the Volvo Cave. I then wrote this blog and watched the next episode of The Mandalorian.

Before this, I was at work and dealing with various crises of the moment and a data issue. My boss, happy to have me back at work, asked after my health and Susie. Brad had been very supportive over the years of dealing with stroke, cancer, and family leave. Most kind.

Moving backward in the day, I visited Susie from work for a short visit. It is a work day, and my visits are usually only twenty minutes or a bit longer if Susie wants to visit Metzger Park, next door. As with most days, I call Leta, Susie’s mother, so they can talk briefly and, using FaceTime, see each other. I stayed a bit longer after the call, but Susei was surprised by my leaving, said it was alright, and kissed me goodbye.

Before visiting Susie in Portland (Tigard) at 9925 SW 82nd. Ave. Portland (Tigard), OR 97223; phone (503) 246-4116; I was at a team lunch. We ate Thai food at a local place, and six of us ate together. Our scrum master was moving to a new team, so we had a good luck send-off lunch for her. It was a sunny and warm spring day, perfect for lunch.

Before this, I did my usual meetings in the morning, arriving around 8AM. The meetings went on for hours. I did get coffee at work; I get a regular coffee with cream (coffee is paid for by our leadership until 10AM), But I did have liberal coffee to start the day with the last of the corn muffins and yogurt at the house.

I woke with my alarm, decided “no,” and rested for 45 minutes. No exercises and stretching. A rushed morning once I started.

Tuesday night, after soldering the FM radio Si47xx breakout board into my power and microcontroller framework, I stayed up until midnight again and got my radio to play. I ordered more screw wire posts on Amazon (they were cheaper there). I also purchased another wrecked tube radio on eBay for another summer project.

I am tired, and it is late. Thanks for reading.

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