Today 28March2023: Tuesday

Working backward, I just attached a microphone to my amp box, a prototype for the power system I am using. I managed to program the microcontroller to read the microphone but did not get useful values. I will have to do some more reading for that. I can control the use by code, so I have the needle meter again using the nob. I have the speakers and amp playing for me from my Apple.

Before this, I completed the code and attached the neoPixel to the new radio main frame by screw connectors. I did the voltage translation last night, attaching a tiny board to the main frame. The neoPixels use 5V, not 3.3V, so I did the translation using a small board from Sparkfun just for these issues. LadyAda strongly recommends the translation and using a large 1000uF 15V+ capacitor to protect the neoPixels from harm. I cut that into the wires for the strip. I used heat shrink tubing to cover the bare wires and my heat gun. It all worked, and the strip looks bright and colorful (the code for the radio now spends a moment updating the neoPixels–I used code from AdaFruit examples to add this function to my radio code).

Before this, I repaired more missing veneer (a tiny piece but noticeable) on the wooden radio box. I also reglued (white glue) the delamination of the curved edge. I will fix the other side next. That is the final step unless I decide to fix a few minor veneer losses. I received the new see-thru precut plastic for the faceplate area (the old plastic is discolored and partially melted). It was a bit too large, but I used my mini belt and disk sander to reduce it to fit the space. It took a few passes, but it works well now. I will glue it in place with see-thru white glue after I paint the frame carefully with some brass paint that contains wax so it can be polished like natural brass.

I have yet to build the station change buttons and volume to finish the electronics. But to build that, I must finish the case repairs and painting. So that will be last.

I returned to the Volvo Cave at about 5:20. I found the plastic mentioned above pieces (I ordered two in case I scratched one) and the casting clay delivered–I will be making transparent replacement buttons to be lighted up by the neoPixels. The trip from work was without events, but traffic was heavy. I was hungry and made tuna fish from a can and added tartar sauce, German hot mustard (for some kick), and pepper. I had this with crackers again. It was perfect. I ate that and watched a few YouTube videos from Battleship New Jersey and the couple rebuilding a wooden WW2 boat, Ship Happens. Both are fun but will sometimes fast-forward.

Moving back to the afternoon, I was at work in the office, with the afternoon being filled with various crises of the moment and some electronic paperwork. I was busy, and the time blew by. Before this, I had lunch and saw Susie.

Moving the narrative to the early afternoon, I left to see Susie and arrived about noon. Susie was napping in her chair in the shared living room. I woke her, and she was delighted to have me visit her. We soon called Leta, Susie’s mother, and chatted. Leta had heard from Barb, Susie’s sister, and she and Gordon, her husband, were enjoying their visit to Ireland. Soon, I had to be on my way, find lunch, and return to work. I left Susie with a kiss.

I had lunch at Chipotle, trying not to rush and reading stores on my iPhone. I had the chicken bowl with chips. I soon returned to the shoe company using a messy and clogged Highway 217 on both ways. I hate getting the traffic jam coming and going!

Moving to the morning, rising at 6AM required me to sit there for a time as I woke tired and with a stuffy nose, but soon I located the kitchen, cleaned up the ant bait (no living ants remained), and emptied the dishwasher, refilled it, and wash the light load. I was tired of dirty dishes–if I had done the dishes before, I would have had to look at the ants swarming the poison. Nope. Next, I started the hot water, found a yogurt for breakfast, and did the basic stretches and exercises. I then read some emails, Slack channel updates, and some news. Another mass shooting of children, more escalating tensions with Russia, and no new banks failed (today).

I drank my liberal coffee made in my French Press while getting informed for the morning. Next, I showered and dressed. This includes applying Utterly Smooth 20% Urea (cow pee) to my hands and feet. The numbness has slowed and reversed, and I have been using that since the Chemo. It was in the instructions for Chemo (!), and I was asked by the pharmacist and the doctor if I had acquired the product and used it daily. I still use it–it can’t hurt (other than I drop more tiny parts now when building things–utterly smooth, indeed).

I slept well, except I woke tired. Thanks for reading.


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