Today 30March2023: Better Thursday

Beginning the narrative with the more important moments, I visited Susie at about 11AM after finishing her breakfast. I had no meetings from 10AM to 1PM, so I was not rushed like the previous days. Susie was also awake, not sleepy this time. She was delighted to see me early and happy when I told her I could stay longer today while I had to return to work; I was not rushed. I had traveled from work to Susie without issue; the hummingbird house is at the hummingbird house in Portland (Tigard) at 9925 SW 82nd. Ave. Portland (Tigard), OR 97223; phone (503) 246-4116.

We spent about forty minutes together. We called her mother, Leta, on the iPhone using FaceTime so they could see each other. Susie demonstrated that her right arm is working again, but her hand is weak from less use from the stroke of November 2021, which affected her right side, ability to swallow, and speech. I have to watch Susie in the wheelchair or the rocking chair as she can suddenly lean on the right side without knowing it and, if I am inattentive, fall. When Susie is tired, she is very prone to leaning to the right.

Susie was thrilled to talk to Leta and have me there, not rushed, and she was not sad or tired today–a change from yesterday. I showed Susie on my iPhone her sister Barb’s, who is traveling in Ireland with her husband Gordon, photographs on FaceBook, and some shopping pictures Barb sent me today. I was nearly an hour meeting with Susie when it was time to leave. Susie was yawning and ready to nap in her recliner in the living room. I could have used a nap too. I got a kiss goodbye, and Susie understood that I had to leave. No tears today.

Returning to the morning, I debated if I would get going at 6AM when the alarm went off. I went as far as resetting the alarm, but finally, wasting only five minutes, I just jumped out of bed. Then, I commanded light from Alexa and turned on all the lights. That helped.

I had cottage cheese (dusted with pepper, sea salt, and smoked paprika) and 1/2 a can of peaches. This was matched with liberal coffee made in my French Press. There were no ants in the kitchen, but a few appeared in the office and the bathroom. I may have to expand my efforts.

Before enjoying my repast or taking my meds, I did the basic exercises, which were a bit of a struggle as yesterday’s full set of stretches and exercises had left me stiff. Nevertheless, I pushed through the basic set. This gave me enough time not to rush breakfast and read some news and my personal emails. Of course, I also read all the work emails and Slack Channel updates. I like being prepared for the day and informed of the news.

After this, I showered and dried my long hair with a towel. It is getting thick again. I dressed, boarded Air Volvo at 7:30, and reached the office before 8AM. I then enjoyed hours of Zoom meetings. I take the rest of the coffee from the French Press as a thermal cup; I get more when I get a short break between meetings. The project buys everyone’s coffee from the coffee shop (they serve Starbucks, of course) until 10AM.

Aside: My oncologist’s office called and told me they were moving my appointment out as they needed my appointment for another patient; it was important that the patient see the oncologist soon. I was happy to oblige, as mine was just a survivor appointment. I was pleased to not need an emergency appointment and could move mine out to help. I am glad to help a fellow cancer patient!

Skipping to the end of the workday, I was back after eating lunch at Panera Bread. I was hoping the strawberry salad was back, but not yet here (Leta got one in Michigan), but instead had a chicken salad sandwich and a cup of broccoli cheddar soup. I did more meetings, one chaotic and the rest the usual status. I needed to do some chores at home, so I headed out at 3ish.

I got home in light traffic, just before the schools let out, and arrived and picked up some items. I then headed out to do the chores. I mailed a package to Zorida that had come back–the machine at the post office did not charge me enough postage, and it returned to me. I remailed it. I stopped by my bank’s ATM to have it refuse to deposit the $1 medical check. Puke. I will have to do this at a bank office (old school)–I put the check in the door of Air Volvo and will try to get that done. I gassed up the car at $4.09 (remember, we do not have sales tax) a gallon.

I returned and signed back in; no issues looking for me at the shoe company. I rested for a bit and checked again. Nope.

I boiled water, defrosted skinless and boneless chicken thighs, fried them in butter with Herbs de Province, salt, and smoked paprika, and heated Alfredo sauce from a bottle in a pan. I baked the browned but still undercooked chicken in a preheated oven for twenty minutes to finish cooking. To do this, I transferred the chicken to a glass pan; I cooked the chicken in my non-stick pan (thanks, Steve), and that pan should not go into the oven. Next, I cooked rigatoni pasta from a box and mixed it all together after splitting the chicken thighs on a cutting board. It was a bit plain (I had not marinated or broiled the chicken), but I still had a few bowls.

I packed the uneaten portion for leftovers in glassware (thanks, Gene and Glenda).

I watched The Long Halloween (part 1), an animated Batman movie that I strongly recommend and still watch over and over. It is fun to rewatch as I try to catch all the giveaways you miss in the first viewing. I will watch part 2 later.

I then returned to the office and worked on the wooden radio box for my project. I reglued some delaminating veneer and then replaced tiny bits here and there. I have some oak veneer (not finished) that I will dye to the correct color (I have the dye for my wooden models from OcCre in Spain–excellent stuff). I should then repaint the wood with stain and ploy I have already purchased. I staked a pile of books on the wood to push the veneer back in place (adding white glue to hold the new form).

I also watched the newest The Mandalorian episode. I found this one, Pirate, less believable. but still an excellent show.

I want to work on my radio project tonight, but I am tired. So I think I will read and fall asleep instead.

Thanks for reading.

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