Today 18April2023

I started the blog early and am enjoying a dark beer while writing this at Wildwood Taphouse. I did not want to rush, and lunch seemed to stay with me, so I was not hungry for dinner. At first, I thought of heading to Portland but decided to just have a beer and write here in the local area.

I have just left Susie at 5:15 at the hummingbird house in Portland (Tigard) at Allegiance Senior Care LLC, 9925 SW 82nd. Ave. Portland (Tigard), OR 97223; phone (503) 246-4116. I was there just after 11, stepped out for lunch, and stayed until dinner was being planned.

Susie was grumpy when I got there (Jennifer later told me that Susie was uncomfortable this morning–details left out–and was wrung out); Susie just wanted “Go home and sleep,” and Jennifer moved Susie to the bed, and Susie was happy then and slipped into sleeping here and there. I watched, with Susie seeing some of it, the animated movie Coco which always makes me cry a bit–but the film is excellent. The music was great.

After that, Susie got some lunch (just some Apple sauce), and I stopped at the nearby Red Robin. Natalie was bartending and was happy to see me but missed me over the weekend. I had the Ensalada Platter with a basket of fries–their fries are so good. While a beer product temped me, but when working with Susie, I never drink–just Diet Coke. Service was slow for some reason (it varies), and I got my fries last (!?).

I soon returned to the hummingbird house and put on another really old movie from Disney+, 20,000 Leagues Below the Sea. Yes, the one with the Disney brass-green riveted-together Nautilus and the cold-mad Captain Nemo played by a young James Mason. Susie often asked who what who while we watched, and I laughed a few times. It was better than I remember it.

We got Susie tiramisu dessert, which was forgotten yesterday, and I fed her bites while watching Captain Nemo. Susie loved it; it was so creamy it was safe for her. No choking the whole time. She had that with Ensure. Not sure she will eat her dinner tonight!

Before all this, I was at the house getting going about 7:30, doing the first meeting at 8AM for work, and then signing off for a bit. I made scrambled eggs with kielbasa and cheese. I cut the meat into cubes by slicing the long way and then slicing the sausage into cubes. It is better than the coin slices I used to have. Recommended approach. I had that with toast and liberal coffee made in my French Press.

I also worked on my radio. I glued in the new face plate, let it dry, and then knocked it out as it did not look great. I use white glue, so it cleans up easily. I tried again and hope this time will look better.

I read more Great Battles: Tsushima by Rotem Kowner and think it is a bit short on detail on specific hits and damage. I am more used to the better-sourced battle of Jutland, where we have tracked, discussed, and disputed every shell. This is more like this ship took heavy hits and later sunk from flooding from holes–too simple. First-hand accounts that fill out the story of Trafalgar or Jutland are not included in the narration for Tsushima. I do not know if they are not available or if they are not included in this tome. The book is also tiny print and has a small layout; thus, the maps, photos, and charts are small–the book would be better if larger. I am disappointed so far, and there is no mention of research on wrecks (I know one has been found) or the later fate of ships. The footnotes are good. Maybe it will get better.

Well, I finished the dark beer. Time for something else with chips. Thanks for reading!



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