Today 20April2023

These are just highlights from today.

I was hours early for my survivor meeting with my oncologist, who is moving away. I will have a new one next time. My blood work was good, and my chances were better than good, his words, to be cured, and he gave me a printed-out care plan with follow-ups. A colonoscopy every three years. A CT scan should happen every six-twelve months. Finally, an oncology appointment with blood work every six months with my new doc.

While my labs still show mixed results, they are improving–doc was not worried. We shook hands, and he will soon start a practice in Hood River, Oregon. Eastern Oregon gets a brilliant doctor.

Before this, I was in Portland too early. So I parked Air Volvo in the hospital rack and walked in the rain. I was surprised to see three sets of end-of-the-world folks with the material at three intersections in the pouring rain. They were pleasant, smiling, and warmly dressed; they had good-quality coats, hats, and umbrellas. I tipped my hat to them, and they were friendly and polite.

I stopped by a tea shop, somehow on the top of a former house via two stairs. I had a cup of warm black tea; I told the guy behind the counter to pick the tea leaves for me. They had no lemon slices, so I had it plain. There was a table in what I guess was the apartment’s living room, now reworked into a tea shop, near a window. I sat there and read emails and approved a design on my phone (I can read the documents at Nike even on my phone–excellent). After enjoying the tea room, I returned to Air Volvo, got my Nike Laptop, and worked until my appointment. I had my Nike computer in the exam room, reading emails and Slack channel updates until the doc came in.

Moving further backward, I was at Elephant’s Delicatessen on 22nd Street in Portland for lunch. As usual, there was no room inside, so I ordered a Reuben to-go. Oh f**k, it was huge and wonderful, and I ate it all–I had a salad for dinner. I was wondering if my bloodwork today would have sauerkraut floating in it! I ate it in Air Volvo (I found a parking spot), which now smells like a delicatessen. I think we should make Reuben-scented Air Fresheners.

Before this decadence, I visited Susie at the hummingbird house in Portland (Tigard) at Allegiance Senior Care LLC, 9925 SW 82nd. Ave. Portland (Tigard), OR 97223; phone (503) 246-4116. I had come from work and was there when Susie finished her breakfast. Jennifer said Susie had not slept well (Susie called out all night–then would not remember that; Susie talks, yells, and walks in her sleep–it could be exciting some nights; I know). Susie, while looking OK, was obviously tired. Nevertheless, she was delighted to see me.

I wheeled Susie, still in her wheelchair (she eats while seated in her wheelchair), to the social activity room and then called Leta, her mother. Leta was happy to see Susie using FaceTime on my iPhone. Leta is getting a new deck on her house to replace the porch, and the posts are getting set. Leta and Susie chatted for a while, with me joining the conversation here and there. Next, we called Susie’s sister, Barb, at work and spoke to her for a while–no FaceTime as Barb was still working. Susie was happy to talk to both of them but needed a nap. She let me go with a kiss as she started getting sleepy.

Work was before this, and I did hours of meetings and talked to a few folks. I also followed along when in Portland and answered a few items. No rest. I work the next three weekends, I believe.

The morning started early, at 6AM, with me rushing. I managed my complete set of stretches and exercises (which, with all the walking today, was quite a workout) and instant oatmeal (with dried cranberries and walnuts added)–low sugar heart healthy–with liberal coffee for breakfast.

Last night after finishing the blog, I managed to see the movie Renfield. This is an update on a Dracula movie with Nicholas Cage playing a comic and deadly Count–Full-on nuts Cage. While not always great, it was a mix of Nicholas Cage channeling Christopher Lee from LOTR (not Dracula) and the Renfield character playing John Wick meets Dracula. Violent, silly, and illogical, and with Shohreh Aghdashloo seemingly a walk-on as the evil mother. Awkwafina is a cop and, like a John Wick movie–never seems to miss a bad guy. I liked it, but it is not for everyone.

Aside: I first drove to Regal’s Movies on TV, but there were closed (the website is wrong), and then I drove across Beaverton to Cinemark, missing a few previews.

Lastly, while eating my salad for dinner, I watched the completion of this season’s Mandalorian. I liked it. I would say that the last three episodes brought the story back together, and I liked it. Recommended.

Thanks for reading.


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