Today 23April2023: Sunday

I am in Von Eberts Brewing in Portland’s Pearl District. I watched two movies with Susie today and then left Susie at the hummingbird house in Portland (Tigard) at Allegiance Senior Care LLC, 9925 SW 82nd. Ave. Portland (Tigard), OR 97223; phone (503) 246-4116. I was there from about 1:30 to 5:15 with us watching the old animated Jungle Book and then the newer Beauty and the Beast but still painted cell film movie (except for part of the ballroom scene, which was Disney’s first CGI in a major film). Susie was delighted to spend the afternoon watching old movies on Disney+. We also called Susie’s mother, Leta, and chatted with her. Dondrea also called, and she got to talk to both of us. Susie had a wonderful afternoon, her words, and was sad when I left–but I put on M.A.S.H., and Susie was OK–Season two for a change.

I was going to go home, write the blog, clean up the house, and rest; instead, I headed to PDX and am having a pretzel with a locally made brewed product waiting for Evan before I order more. I am tired of being at 20625 SW Clarion Street, Beaverton (Aloha), Oregon 97003-1717, and being alone. So instead, I am here in Portland eating, drinking, writing, and ignoring most of the world’s problems.


I was given the day, Sunday, free as I worked 4-midnight on Saturday.

I had a taco salad or chili salad for lunch. I reheated the chili I had opened from a can a few days ago and then decided to use and pour it over salad greens, olives, carrots, celery, and other salad stuff. Sour cream in the place of salad dressing was good. I had this before heading to Susie’s.

I took the buttons I had mounted in the radio box on a wooden board and mixed epoxy clay to mold it. Unfortunately, I knocked two buttons off the board and had to use superglue to reattach them. They had left glue marks on the board, so it was likely I managed to get them back to their original place. I then hand-rolled the clay into ropes and weaved it through buttons to not break any more loose. New learning. I had too much clay and tried to model a nob, but the clay was too inflexible. You need to use it immediately and also a new learning. I am unsure if what I have will work as a mold, but if not, I can try again. It is all interesting to me.

I wrote the Saturday blog this morning and took my time, and tried not to rush. Saturday is always a busy day for me, and it takes some time to write that blog. I managed to sleep until 8ish, which is late for me. Time just seemed to run away from me this morning.

Breakfast was liberal coffee, an Equal Exchange brand, made in my French Press. I had a few muffins to go with it–I made them a few days ago.

I did see multiple car pile-ups today. Not sure what is happening, but folks are wrecking at about 35 mph and taking two or more cars with them. Air Volvo avoided all of these, but the collision alarm did happen when someone slowed unexpectedly without brake lights. Volvo is ever vigilant.

Well, that is about it. I am still waiting in PDX for Evan, but he is on his way. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Today 23April2023: Sunday”

  1. Amazing
    This sounds like a great day spent with Susie! I’m glad she enjoyed watching Disney movies on Disney+ and talking to loved ones. I have a question, what kind of locally made brewed product are you enjoying with your pretzel at Von Eberts Brewing?


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