Today 8May2023: Monday Happened

I am in Portland after a thunderstorm that flooded areas with the sudden hose down. Highways are covered in sand and stones from the sudden inundation of the storm. It was loud, full of thunder and flashes. Excellent storm. I was at Susie’s for the storm. Susie resides at the hummingbird house in Portland (Tigard) at Allegiance Senior Care LLC, 9925 SW 82nd. Ave. Portland (Tigard), OR 97223; phone (503) 246-4116. I had joined her after eating lunch, a cold roast beef and cheddar sandwich with a pickle and potato chips (I love potato chips–I figure heaven is where you can eat potato chips forever). I spent the afternoon in a chair beside Susie with my Nike laptop and my Apple and worked the afternoon keeping her company. I have dinner plans with Mariah here at Von Eberts in Portland’s Pearl District at 6:30, so I stayed with Susie until after 5PM. I then traveled to Portland through the damp.

Susie was happy to see me at 1:30ish when I got there. As my new habit on Mondays and Fridays, I then set up my office in a chair in her room while she rested in her bed. Today, there is no movie, just music from Alexia (we have the music everywhere service); Susie’s has an Alexia (and cable) on the house accounts. Susie can listen to music and watch Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, HBOMAX, Peacock, and a few other cable services from her room. Before I left, I started M.A.S.H. for Susie, set up the crash pad, and kissed her goodbye.

I was online and even did one Zoom meeting with Susie resting next to me. This time I did not have her say hello during the Zoom meeting. Instead, Iread and approved one design document while Susie chatted with her mother, Leta, on FaceTime on my cell phone. Leta was happy to see Susie feeling better. I heard only a few minor coughs.

Susie has bleeding in her right arm again. The huge bruise is back but on the bottom of her lower arm this time, just past the elbow. I took a photo of it and attached it to a message to her doc. It does not appear to be life-threatening; we will monitor it.

Before this, the weather turned sunny with another nonsensical forecast of 59-63F with a current temperature of 69F. It was in the 70sF (21C) when I left for Susie. A thunderstorm, as mentioned above, came through and created local flooding, and knocked the temperatures down. There is no more rain in the forecast except for a thunderstorm next week–summer has come early this year!

Back to the start, Monday is a work-from-home day, so I slept in after 7AM. I dragged myself out of bed, having read too late last night. I am enjoying the brain cookie Raven Stratagem (Machineries of Empire Book 2) on my Kindle. This is space opera, and I like the suggestion of high mathematics changing the universe’s rules. I could not stop reading and even read it while eating my sandwich for lunch.

Once I dragged myself to the kitchen, I made coffee and toast. After taking my pills and reading so late, I had microwave popcorn as a snack and was not hungry. I then started my day with two hours of Zoom meetings. I also did the basic exercises and stretches between meetings. Afterward, I showered, dressed (in a dress shirt), and got ready to face the day. First, I read emails, Slack channel updates, and news reports to keep up with work, my personal stuff, and the world. Next, I downloaded the Quicken updates and got them squared away. I have completed April 2023 and have it in a folder already.

I received an email tonight from the Lampblack RPGzine that they agree I am missing a copy of the RPGzine and will send it to me soon. CM Anderson, the lead for the project, sent me an email apologizing. I am happy to get a spare copy. I plan to box up the game bits; I have two copies (once the zine shows) and will mail one to Cat Smith in NYC.

Thank you for reading!

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