Today 25May2023

I am better. The cough is nearly gone, but the exhaustion and dizziness come on me unexpectedly, and thus I am careful. Leta, Susie’s mother, tried to reach me, I was sleeping after getting dizzy, and the phone had fallen on the floor, and I apparently slept through that call and two more. Leta, worried something terrible had happened, panicked and called Rev. Anne to check on me. I recovered after a short nap, having been on some later afternoon calls after the rest, finally noticing I had not seen my phone for a while, found it, and managed to call everyone and end the panic. I am happy that folks are checking in on me.

Moving to something less exciting, I had new earbuds delivered today. They use your skull to play the music. I figured they would work better with hearing loss, and I cannot make the ones in the ear work. I am thrilled with this new technology (new for me), but still learning how trying to clip them to my ears. It takes me a while to get them on. I saw on Amazon that there is a set with a microphone that I may order in the future if these work out. More to come, but I can notice the loss of higher notes and the tinny sound that I know is a symptom of hearing loss. I can only hear the music in my right ear. There is a tiny echo sound in my left ear.

I had reheated pasta with Italian sausage and the green beans with almonds I had made a few days ago for a dinner of leftovers. It was good. I tried to find a show to watch on cable while eating but did not find anything I would recommend.

Before this, I had a meeting at 4PM, which I was ready for after taking a break and seeing if some rest could stop the dizziness. It helped–I just need some more sleep. Scott and I walked about software development and the shoe company’s supply chain, our usual discussion.

Before this, I followed along and ordered lunch from GrubHub, a gyro from Gryro House. It was good, but after lunch, I was just tired out, as I said, and needed to stop for a bit. The flu taking one more swipe at me.

The morning was meetings from 8 to 10, all Zoom calls. I listened and tried to help. I updated my teammates on an issue that was then immediately cleared. I followed along all morning, drinking liberal coffee again with cereal with milk. I figured the problem with coffee was the flu, and the nausea was gone too. Yup.

I watered, by water can, the roses today.


The Cardinal Richelieu rose is blooming, and the dark purple of the namesake is showing.

Souvenir du Président Lincoln is still stressed, but I hope to see a lovely bloom soon.

The climbing rose, Wedgwood, also shows some stress but should bloom soon.

This was an orphaned rose (they lost its tag) and is a lovely pink rose that should bloom soon.

I lost/forgot the name; the indestructible Rugosa rose is starting to bloom. It grows so fast it sometimes snaps its canes with the weight of the flowers! Rugosa roses are salt resistant and seem to be ignored by bugs. Recommended.

Mister Lincoln, a 196os hybrid tea, is enjoying the sun today!

David Austins’s The Herbist (impossible to find now) resembles an old Gallica rose but blooms non-stop.

Old pink moss, an old rose, and once-blooming, is covered with sweat-smelling blooms.

Corwin planted the new rose from Dondrea and Z, and it should bloom in a week, Heavenly Scented. A hybrid pink tea rose that will grow into a large plant, 4 to 6 feet.

The painted rose Picasso (no longer available) with the blooms having streaks of white like the Queen had the roses painted red in Alice and Wonderland.

And Old Blush, a China rose, is through its recent blooms. More will come.

And here is the look in front of the house. You can see the redwoods in the area (these are not giant ones–yes, those are the small ones!).

Thank you for reading and indulging me with the rose pictures.

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