Spring Break 2019 Day 4: Prep

I have just finished skimming the “Destroying Paradise” adventure I am running in a few days at Gamestorm 21 from Atomic-Age Cthulhu. I still have to make six 1950s pre-made characters to use. I have been busy all day trying to get ready. I am preparing for two long roleplaying games. I have done “Destroying Paradise” four times so that one just needs some props. I have the paint drying on some mini-surf boards. I need a lava field that I will paint in the coming morning. Very very busy!


The other adventure I am running is “Istanbul Discovery 1926” which is my own creation. I like to write adventures and it is fun to play one from Chaosium and once from myself. That one I got some old tiles from a horror game and can use them to make the map. I put printed copies of each with all the props in binders so I do not forget something. The needed game tiles are in a large envelope. Get there!

I started the morning at 8:30 again. I started a new book on my Kindel, House of the Shattered Wings. This is by another author I have been reading: Aliette de Bodard. I like her style of fantasy and SciFi. I did not sleep until late as I started yet another really dark novel.

I wrote my summary of yesterday and then took Susie to her hair appointment. I edited my Istanbul adventure for two hours waiting for Susie. I also stopped by the candy store and bought a lot of candy cigarettes for my players. It fits the 1950s and 1920s theme to pass around some smokes. After we got home, I then cut out the boat layout and later attached it to a backing to make it more usable. This is a prop for “Destroying Paradise.” I made dinner and got back to work finding figures and monsters to make all this work. I totally spaced the meet-up tonight on Machine Learning: Hillsboro Python Machine Learning Meetup. I feel terrible that I missed it, but I am really buried trying to get everything ready for Thursday. Forgive me, Ernest!

I have to make the pre-made characters, collecting figures for the adventures and bring them. Here they are as I am sorting on and have them even all over my chess set.figs

I found my Hitler and Stalin figures from a WW2 leader set–not going to need those. Churchhill is in the police bag as he has a blue coat. That is the third Doctor in the front and back a bit is the editor of Spiderman’s paper (I did not paint the Marvel Universe figure–it comes painted). They will be part of the crowd in one set-up. Found my toy cars (thank you, Cory, for leaving them with me) to use also for some dressing up of the riot scene I have to put on.

So almost ready. Continued with laundry. Located suitcases. Two games already in the car. Paints and paint brushes are in new painting case. I will try to find time for the figure painting contest at Gamestorm!

Rushing like a crazy person.


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