Spring Break 2019 Day 4: Ready, Wait

Note this should be Day 5…

We are now at the Red Lion Inn on the River in Portland with a view of I-5 just as it starts across the Columbia River. The pre-events ended just as we got here. Just painting figures. Gaming starts about 1PM Thursday.

We have loaded 11 games into the hotel room and are now ready for Thursday’s gaming.


I spent the day finishing up all of my work for the game, loading, packing, and fretting. I have all the pre-made characters for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. I have it all here now. Figures, dice, paints, and lots of board games.

This morning I started at 8:30 again. Yes, I could not sleep in until I had everything ready.   I even painted a lava field for “Destroying Paradise.” All the characters are done. I then went back and fixed them up again. All clean and ready now.

I drove to Portland this morning after I finished the game set-ups. I decided to try the pick-up for Amazon. Well, I had to find parking and pay for it to pick-up an item. But I did get to eat at a Lebanese place that had great desserts! You go in and scan your code, and the door pops open. Neat! Maybe not worth the drive and the cost of parking, but interesting.


Karam Lebanese Deli and Catering, Portland

I then finished all the work and off to Burgers at our usual place Cruise in Diner.

I am tired and all ready to start.

Schedule for me on Thursday:

Vindication 1 PM

Village Attacks 5PM

Star Trek Panic Panic: Star Trek 7PM

Call of Cthulhu: Destroying Paradise 9:30PM until 2AM or so.

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