Spring Break 2019 Day 6: Games!

So I played everything I set-out to play.

I also met old friends and we are sorry we cannot get a game together. The super-sized Civilisation (12 hours) is going and they are hosting that. One of these years I have to do this one. Also, the 8-hour version of the board game version of Dune is being hosted.

I had a great day. I played my games. Actually, I sat out as I had six folks for five-person games. I got to teach them and watch how they play. It was great. On Vindication I discovered I was given a table for the whole day. So we started early and I played a 1/2 game while teaching folks and then we reset and I helped get it going.


I then did that again with Village Attacks which even had two girls show up. They liked rolling all the special dice for that game. Grabbing a handful of dice and then working out how to apply the results in really a positive experience. I got a few rules wrong but they helped me find corrections and we managed to make the game work. Everyone enjoyed it. I had to sit out again for most of the game as I had again six players. It was still fun.

I then played Panic: Star Trek. We began our five-year mission with four players. And about halfway the Enterprise was looking like it needed a new paint job.


We barely made it. We had people stopping by and seeing all the flames on the model and just smile or nod knowingly. Visually this one of the most fun game I play. I should take this one to work and have us try a few mission. We managed to complete the five mission and who needs shields anyway. We also got most of the fires out…

After that, I grabbed my dice and headed down into the basement level to play Call of Cthulhu. One player is all that showed up, not the first time I have had this happen. She grabbed two character sheets and I grab the one that is Bill Nye the Science Guy and joined the game. It is unusual to game master and to play as a character in Call of Cthulhu, but I just wanted to play the scenario and Emily had signed up and wanted a game too. We had candy cigarettes and leis for a 1950 setting in Hawaii. Once again, the third time I have had this happen having run this four times now, a miracle dice rolls saved Hawaii from being destroyed by the ancient horrors. “Can we get military help?” Rolls 04 out of 100 (low is good). Roll for taking out evil altar 01 out of 100 (low is good). Yup, we got out the toy helicopters and military figures. Thus, a fun and surprisingly positive ending.

That was the last game for tonight.

Corwin played Dungeon and Dragons for 12-hours. So we headed to Taco Bell. We drove thru and got some tacos and etc. A guy asked us to get him some food–you can’t walk thru the drive-thru. So I just bought him dinner and drove it out to him. He was drunk but very thankful. We then drove him to his boat. He was so happy. Always available to help folks, even getting a few tacos and a lift.

So I have to get up in four hours or so. So I will cut this short and please forgive any typos.

By the way, Susie has been hanging out and reading and finding her own way. She got a lot of exercising walking to the lobby and reading her book in the lobby.

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