Spring Break Day 07: All day board games!

Today it was just board games. I hosted four and played one training version of a new game. So this morning at 9 was my first game, Blood Rage. This is a Viking mythical game with lots of combat and bringing monsters to help save the day. I had five players and we just managed to finish it on time. This is a painted copy meaning every last miniture is painted. We had folks stopping by to see just the miniatures.


The next game was a bit rougher as I had trouble remember all the rules and I got caught almost from the start. This is Fury of Dracula where I was playing the vampire and the four other players played the hunters. This is usually a hidden movement game, but I got found at almost the first turn and was running the whole time. The players were very attentive and so I just could not get away. So I then turned on them, “Mina” was by herself in Spain, so I attacked, defeated her, and sent her on to the hospital. But that meant the hunters had a good idea of where I was. So Mina ran to Lisbon while I tried to sneak away to France. I was found in France by a player who thought I might try to slip away. That was it. Everyone had a good time even me the defeated vampire.


The next game was Scythe. This was a basic game. I taught it and we got everyone going for a five-person game with just the addition of Japan. It went well and the Khan won by getting their popularity up. The Vikings played a quiet game in the corner and came in next. I got Saxony (Germany) and was back in the pack, but I did land the sixth star to end the game. Everyone liked my painted figures.


I also got to meet some new gamers next playing a game I have not played before: Architects of the Western Kingdom. This is a worker placement game with some interesting twists. We got to play it for about two hours. I really liked it and might add to my collection.

I meet new folks and also re-connected with folks I have played with before in previous years or earlier this week. We also got in a last minute play of Vindication tonight. That is why I am so late getting this going. It was fun and Corwin joined in. The new player Trace beat us all.

Sorry if this is a bit short and poorly edited. Need sleep.

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