Spring Break Day 10: Wrap up

Laundry is done. Most of the games are back on shelves. A couple of naps and reading and a bit of painting of some figures, Daleks from Doctor Who (see them at Black Tree Miniatures) from the episode of the seventh Doctor Remembrance of the Daleks in 1988 and considered the best work of Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor. They are white, gold, and black. I got them for a chess set I was thinking of making for myself, but now I think just figures for now. The Daleks have been on my painting desk for more than a year in a pile (some assembly required). I decided to finish them as they are not a lot of trouble to paint. They are about half completed already. The Cybermen are in a box with Unit and the Master and lots more Doctor Who characters in 28mm metal.

I was thinking about my new samples and got them out to share. They are a bit hideous, perfect (they come from FandomForgePDX). I will find some use for them as props.


I also received from China a heads-up display (HUD) that plus into my car and displays the speed and other information on the windshield. Well got to plug that in and set it on Volvo’s dash with some non-damaging sticky rubber. Cool! Was much more helpful once I learned how to set it to miles and not the Metric system. We had it on while I drove at night where it was much nicer. A small piece of translucent plastic is placed on the glass to prevent a double image. I am not sure where I have the display is where I will keep it. Still cool.


It does not work that well at day. We will see, literally!

I went to Bugattis for lunch today. I had their Eggplant Parmesan. Lucky I order a meatball to add to it and that it has spaghetti in a red sauce as a side as the eggplant could have been cardboard. I had to use a steak knife to cut it! I wrote my previous blog post there. I did like the meatball and the spaghetti and my once a week glass of wine, Skyfall.

I also bought the best game I played at Gamestorm at the local gaming store (Rainy Day Games): Architects of the West Kingdom. This is a fast and small footprint game (small sized box and map are reasonably sized for five players) so it won’t add to the game clutter. It is a great game and I look forward to playing it again!

Dinner was a Red Robin where I had an iced tea. The waiter asked me if it was a drinking day and I told her I had wine already so iced tea for the week. Yes, I go there a lot and Kendra, our waiter and often my bartender, and I discuss if I can have a chicken platter or will it be a sandwich with fries. I really like their fries–a no-no for me. I did have iced tea with a sandwich with just one set of fries–“No more thank you,” I said to her smile.

Remembering back to Gamestorm, it was a pleasure to teach so many games and to have some time off from the shoe company. It was nice to be away in Portland and having a quick break here and there between yet-another amazing game. My fav was my last games of Mare Nostrum Empires on Sunday and Architects of the West Kingdom. But I offered Scythe Basic and it was really pleasant to let folks play for the first time a game they always wanted to play. All the players had wanted more exposure to the game and at their level (beginner) and said they could not get into a game last year. I was pleased with my decision to offer a basics version. I kept it light and low stress and they began to figure it and really enjoy it. I will certainly do that again next year.

I did order some more bling for the game today (see Meeplesource.com for game bling); some campfires for the encounters and new enlist markers that better show their function. By-the-way, I have almost all the Scythe add-ons, upgrades, and I was in the Kickstarter so I have all the additions from that too. Just missing four encounter cards and I will have everything I ever wanted (for Scythe experts, I do not use the new cards after I played them a few times).

I also saw at Gamestorm a version Rising Sun with painted creatures, gods, and monsters. Really nice painting of a style I do not do (painting with multi-overpainting), they looked so good. So I did start back painting to clear my backlog. Have to get going I think on the painting.  Maybe just a little bit extra painting too…

Lastly, I order a lot of items from Turkey online. I was missing the coffee and spices after playing a scenario based in Istanbul yesterday. So we have a bunch of items coming that add-up to free shipping. Dreaming of Istanbul tonight I think. IMG_3417

From my first trip in Istanbul.


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