Day 2: Morning is too soon

I set the alarm on the phone last night, “Siri, set alarm to 6 AM,” and my wife said, “What?” The morning is too dark. I know it is the time-shift and that there is nothing wrong with morning here or is there? We reside at the end of the time-zone in the West Coast, and this is the other side of Eastern Timezone Time. Mornings are darker. I remember living in Michigan, the edge of Eastern, and finding when I moved to Maryland, still Eastern time, that summer sunrise was sooooo different. Sunrise here at about 6:45 and in Beaverton, it is about 5:45. So even with the jetlag, it is just different here. I reset the alarm to 6:45 after it went off and I saw how dark and comfy it was still. It was hard to get going, but we managed it.

Today at 9AM was the Senior Films for Ringling College. We got to enjoy hours of fantastic short films including one by Kat and her partner Regina Cicone. Kat’s animation featured a singing and dancing suitcase that wanted to see the world and Paris in particular. The owner of the suitcase, working hard and alone in his hotel room, is convinced to sing and dance with the suitcase and see Paris together. It was a very beautiful film.


Kat is running the show this morning.

Susie and I then had lunch at Burger King, Susie’s request. She wanted a Whopper, JR.

Then I am sorry to say we got ready to attend graduation and then I backed the rental car into a very kind man’s truck. Called police. No cops for private property. So we took pictures–I am missing the cover on the brake light and have a scratched bumper. He has a panel smashed in, cracked brake light, and crushed bumper. Ugh!


I have supplied my driver license, insurance card, renters agreement, and accident picture and summary of the accident to the poor man who has a new problem. I have put in a claim for the man to file against. I feel terrible about this.

We made it to Kat Smith’s graduation just as it started (see Ringling Education).


We had to wait to be seated until after the procession. The Smiths had handicap seats ready for us. We saw Kat marching in–she is the blur looking back at us–I called to her and waved (thus the poor picture).


The president of Ringling College described many reasons why the investment in Ringling was worthy. In particular, he pointed out that Artifical Intelligence will replace many analytical processes and employment used for left-brain work, but not creative work. He claims that Ringling graduates have been taught how to be creative and will have a great future as AI removes many purely analytical tasks from our work. The future will be creative and full of design and beauty according to him. The text is not online yet, I will update this with a link if they release it.


The graduation went on from there with the standard speakers. And then to finally to the moment of walking. I managed to get the video this time and put it on unlisted in YouTube: Kat Walks.

Then off to dinner in Sarasota and back here at Hotel Indigo and paperwork for the accident. And then writing this up.

The YouTube upload is taking forever–Suspect Kat had a similar experience with her movie. “Why is it taking so long,” I say with some directness at the screen with the clock already past midnight. “Just a little more work,” I say to myself. “Sleep later,” I think. Just one more re-read and a few updates.



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