Day 3: Florida Rain

A shorter message today as I am tired from driving. We are here in Flordia to see one of the Smith Girls, Kat, graduate and then spend a few days at Disney with them.

Yesterday we had rain on the way back from Kat’s graduation. This was not just any rain. I was calling for Michelle, who traveled back with us as Navigator–the person not driving with the iPhone giving directions, “to deploy the floats!” The rain filled the streets and cars were moving through inches of rain on the main roads!

Rain is serious business here in Florida!

Today was packing-day for Kat and then headed to Orlando to catch some Micky, if we have enough time. All her stuff needs to go into the old 2001 MDX that she and David drove here four years ago. The MDX was just repaired: valve job. Michelle and David and Kat and all of Kat’s stuff will not fit. So Michelle planned to go with us to Orlando.

We started with meeting The Smiths at Shelf Indulgence, a book store and coffee and sandwich shop across from Ringling College. Tash was back in New York; she had enjoyed missing her plane and running across an airport to try to make connections. She finally made it and got back to tests and work in medical school.


David was taking photos of Kat and a friend with all the graduation paraphilia, this morning. My help was photobombing with Susie sitting on a walker and playing Pomp and Circumstance from my phone.

After photos, packing finally got going with us at Kat’s nice dorm. We cleaned and organized and washed and did that again. David and I took various items to Goodwill. And then the lights lighted on the dashboard of the old MDX. Brakes and Battery (why ‘B’ things?) faulted. Calls went out to the dealership and then to local repair folks. New alternator, replace the battery and also replace battery cables. But it cannot be done today.

Off to get a rental for David. There are none! All of Sarasota is rented. We suspect it was the length of lease that was the issue. There are no one or two day rentals for larger vehicles.

Then another massive storm hits. David and I watch it as we head back in my rented van–weeks rental I reserved a month ago. The rain starts in just as we get back to Kat’s dorm building. I am soaked, and David is damp too. I calmly walk in the rain and Michelle records it. I guess it was quite funny.

There is another day to pack-up Kat. So we all get into my rented van, and I drive us two and a bit hours to Orlando. We check in to the Magic Kingdom, and I am relaxing in my room. David is getting a car here in Orlando, and he and Kat will return to Ringling to finish-up and get the once again repaired MDX.

Kat finds a perfect place for dinner on the way: Ciccio Cali. This is a local chain, and the food is a bit odd, like a chicken bowl–but so much more. Might have been the best food I have had in a long time. I risked the rice, and I did OK. The whole time the sky flashed while we ate.

The rain chased us, sometimes heavy, all the way to Orlando. Traffic was heavy and crazy–it is Florida.

Once we reached Disney the stars came out as did the moon. So magical!

Staying at the Wilderness Lodge–How could I resist the name?!



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