Day 0: Susie’s trip

We are here in the Red Lion Inn at the PDX airport. We have a 7AM flight and so we have parked the car here at the hotel for the trip and have a lift to the airport at 5AM. Our flight is at 7AM to make it to the East Coast by the evening. We then pick-up a car and drive another two-hour-plus. So a busy day comes.

Today I took the day off from the shoe company and tried to decompress a bit. I slept into an indecent hour: 8:15! I did some laundry and even painted some figures, just getting them started. I rallied Susie about eleven and finally got dressed (washing all the remaining apparel except my robe) after a shower.


Figures after initial priming in black with a white dry brush.

I made Susie her favorite, scrambled eggs with cheese. I added some ham as that is what I like. I keep frozen cooked bacon (decedent I know) and made that also for Susie. We had lunch or breakfast together. I then went to wander Hillsboro as it was after all my day off. I also needed to get out a bit.

I went to the antique mall and found a perfect table I have been looking for. A folding table made of oak. I managed to not acquire it as we have to travel today. Stopped by the hobby shop and bought expensive glue stick thingies and glue.

I then found the gaming store, Runes and Boards, I have heard about. Huge store and well cleaner than most. A trans person, Mary Ann, was there to assist customers–how perfectly Oregon. The prices were about the same as I have seen in other stores, but there are lots of table and chairs, and the A/C was working. Again, not like most game stores. They just got their beer license and “was working out details with the city” I was told by the owner. Mary Ann told me they were not that busy on Tuesdays and maybe some weekends. I had first commented on the fact that the first game you see when you walk in is Twilight Imperium 4, “You have to love a store that starts with TW4.” The suggestions I think she was trying to make was that it would be great if I could get some TW4 going on a Tuesday or unbusy weekend. Most people expect to be hit-on for sex and/or relationships. I get hit-on to run games–Just as well as Susie is OK with me running games.

I next meet a 30ish beard guy who heard Mary Ann and I talk about painting figures. He then brought me over to a table, and we looked at his miniatures. They showed almost no shading but the chrome and metallics were bright and made the figure pop. I learned that he was using a chrome pen to get the look. It looks too shiny for fantasy figures, I like those to have a brushed look to the metal, but for SciFi oh that was really nice with chrome that looked like flowing metal! So we went thru is ten or so figures for Monsterpocalypse Miniatures Game to admire and make a few suggestions. I have to get a chrome pen! I can see some Twilight Imperium ships models getting some brightness!

The game has you buy monsters and have them crash through a city. I even saw an Empire State Build model you could buy. Hmmm…

I came home after than with my prescriptions and tiny toothbrushes with tiny tubes of paste. Ready to pack. I packed.

We had burgers at Cruise Inn for the best burgers and some beer. The Smiths and us Wilds are talking about a possible joint trip to Turkey next year. More to come as we think about this.

Short trip thru Portland flying Air Volvo. Now we are resting here at PDX. Goodnight!

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