Painting Wild Style: Scythe and Heroes, undercoat (part 2)

I had time today to start the undercoat painting for the figures.

For the figures with masking problems, I used a scalpel (I stopped using modeling knifes a long time ago–the scalpels are much faster, and I think safer. See Scalpel) to cut around the feet and tweezers to remove the extra masking. I did rip the mask a bit. I painted some more of the Micro Masking fluid on and that fixed them all up. I also used the tweezers to remove a few spots where I had splatter some masking fluid on in error.

I stick the figures down to a light wooden board. I use basswood sheets. They are leftover from some modeling projects. I use poster wall stick to temporary hold the figures to it. It is essential that I can turn them every which way to spray on the paint–so I use a bit extra on heavier figures. I also wear gloves–I have disposable gloves. I can then spray over my hand. Today I took the gloves off too early and my left hand is whiter than usual.


I had to do this in two batches. The second batch is mostly masked figures.


I then spray the figures totally black. See Chaos Black and White primer.


Once that is dry, no time in our 80F+ day, I spray a light primer of white color straight down to create a 3D look. I also lean the figures left and then right (always having them face the same way when I put them on the board) and spray a quick bit more. This really does a lot of the work for you.


Here is Heroes Undead Wraith with just this spray paint.


So I will now take the night off from these figures and let everything dry overnight.

There are not a lot of figures to do!


That is about 2/3 as not all fit in the frame!

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