Painting Wild Style: Scythe and Heroes, dry brush white (part 3)

With the undercoat on and the white over top spray (sometimes called the zenithal shading for creating a light effect that is directly overhead) on, I now extend the effect by dry-brushing white on the exposed surfaces. I  will use dilute paints later, and this will show the white a bit and thus create highlighting without much effort. The dark areas will likely stay dark. It saves work, and I think it makes the figures “pop.”

Here is the wraith after and before image.

Sorry about the blur, the left side is dry brushed. The right is just zenithal shading.

The trick is to not get too much paint on the brush and to keep brushing when there is almost no paint to bring forward the edges.

I use a brush from Army Painter for this. And I use mostly their paints for figures and even military models. I like the shades of their primary colors.


Here are the Scythe characters and the brush I use.


Two Bones figures I added to my work for this painting run.


And all of the Heroes Undead faction figures. I have seen some excellent Army Painter system for these. I will see how I do with this process and see if I feel like the faction paints fast enough using this and looks good. I picked the Undead as they are simple; they are dead.

Before painting, I made copies of the Heroes Undead faction character cards and play board so I can have something to paint from. I have also printed copies of the art for all the Scythe figures. So I am ready for the painting now that all the masking, prep, and shading is in place.

So next update will be painting colors over my shading.


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