Painting Wild Style: Scythe and Heroes, first paint (part 4)

I had a few minutes to start on the Heroes Undead faction last night.

I first used a few drops of plain old white from Army Painters and added a few drops of water and flow enhancer to make a wash of white.


This paint, as you can see, is almost a wash. I want it to cover the white and leave the black undercoating showing a bit. As this is white, that is a bit hard to do. I mix the flow enhancer with water and put it in a small bottle now (20 to 1 from the instructions–I am more 10 to 1).


I then use the Army Painter’s regimental brush to paint with. This lets me get done faster as the brush covers well and prevents me from trying to do crazy detail and just gets the base on. I will use the larger brush to get the pain on the figure. I did not do the warriors–just simply missed them.


The paint is hard to see on the black and white primed figure.

I then painted the first coat of pale sand on the bases (Vallejo Pale Sand 70.837). I did not mask the surf and warrior bases as they are just too many. I will need more than one coat. As this was also the first time I had used this paint, it was too runny for my tastes, and I ended up dump 1/8 of the paint and finally got something workable. It will take about three coats to the base as the color does not cover black well.


I did then remember to paint the warrior bases. I plan to paint black on the edges for the warriors to make them clearly identifiable. Thus the surfs will be on painted bases, characters will be natural plastic with maybe a name glued on edge, and the warriors with black side on their base.

So just getting started. Have not started on the other figures, D&D and Scythe characters.



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