Painting Wild Style: Scythe and Heroes, bases and some character painting (part 5)

Tonight I had about an hour to paint. So I tried to finish the bases for the surfs and warriors of Heroes. The pale sand color does not cover over the dark shading. After three coats, it looks good enough to keep.


I also painted the undead characters and got some blue and purple even on the Scythe characters.


To paint, I dilute the paint so that it will allow the white and dark shading show through. I had a bit of trouble with the colors; it would not cover well. I added some flow enhancer directly, and that did not improve the paint. I then add more paint to the mix. I do this by adding a drop near the puddle of paint and let it run in. This allows me to take some undiluted paint if I want on to the brush. This will enable me to select to paint some color instead of washing it on.

I nearly dropped the king undead figure, and when catching him, I hit the paint tray and well it was time to stop and clean-up after that.

Here is my hand next to the figures to show the scale.


The wight figure (white skull head) is almost done. You can see I added more purple to him than the grim reaper next to him.

With the bases done and the main characters showing the look that matches the game, I will move to the mass painting of the surfs next time.

Lastly, I painted a black ring on all the warriors. This is hard to see in the photo as well it is black–it is visible in the first photo.

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