Painting Wild Style: Scythe and Heroes, end of start (part 6)

I had another hour or two tonight to paint.


I am at the hard part of the project–of any miniature or model project–the end of the start. I have enough started that the project looks well unfinished, and all the mistakes and misses are apparent. I am just trying to get the base colors on the figures and get through the mass paintings. I spent a good amount of my time painting boots. Not very interesting. This is when it is hard to keep going. There is so much yet to do. So I try to just do something every free night. Like painting all the boots.


I used the dilute paints with the flow enhancer again. I am happy with the look so far.

I made progress on the undead of Heroes, and the characters for Scythe are looking a bit more complete.


Lastly, I did buy some contrast paints a few weeks ago. I have used them on the monkey and the wolf. So far, I am not able to use them to much effect.

That is all for this update.

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