Day 1: Wedding Anniversary​ in Seattle

We are here a bit early in the room for a Saturday night. We drove here and then explored the Pike Street Market on a beautiful day here in Seattle. I am a bit tired now. I was tired on Friday, so I will cut today short.


We were here 28 years ago (1990) for our honeymoon at the same hotel: Inn At The Market. It seemed like a good idea to come back and stay a few days. We have a package to visit the Seattle Art Museum that includes valet for the car for a few days. It is my recommended place to stay in Seattle. You are in the middle of Pike Street Market.


We enjoyed the market and Susie got a new purse with owls. I resisted everything in the magic shop and did not even enter the comic and gaming store–best not to be tempted this time. The ice cream was a good investment.

Which reminds me, I found a crazy place, expensive! For lunch were, they offer hand made pasta. The food was terrific: Mercato Stellina. We have some leftover pizza. I had made pasta from scratch a week ago, and the place got my attention. I wanted to taste someone else’s that I saw them making. It had less egg flavor and a more solid product. Hmmm.

We went up to the hotel roof and watched the sun setting and ordered cheese and beer and bread. You call the Cafe, and they deliver to the roof ($3 delivery fee and charged to room): Cafe Campagne.

So we will start again in the morning. I will get up early and get Susie a fritter–Just like 28 years ago.


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