Painting Wild Style: Scythe and Heroes, uneven finishing (part 7)

I have painted three times about an hour-long each time to get the base coat painting done on the undead. I have found that when I do groups of figures that some groups get done first. The Scythe figures are all different colors, so they just get painted once and a while.

I did much of the painting with the regimental brush. I did dilute the paint for most of the work. I did not dilute the brass and gold colors as I find that gold just fills cracks and does not cover well. Also, it stands out so well that it is more a highlight than normal colors. I picked brass and not gold to get a different look from the king figure. Undead always look better with brass I find.

For the undead warriors, I painted the shield with bronze and silver and the teeth with skeleton bone (a tan like color). I painted the rim with a mix of oak brown and silver. The wood inside was colored a dilute oak brown. I then used the insane detail brush to touch it all up.

On the undead characters, I used gold, not bronze. I painted the hourglass with some red to hint at sand flowing. The glass I painted the same sand color I used for bases. As the wraith character is not on a painted base so that should not be noticed.


Touch-ups will follow with paints that are not diluted. I also used blue ink on the silver helmet and metal-like kilt on the warriors–that matched the art.

As I said, Scythe figures are still just started. I am again just doing a color here and there.


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